Sylvester Stallone is “Home Alone” in Deepfake Video

Stallone Home Alone

So this is what it would have looked and sounded like if Macaulay Culkin had been going through puberty while filming Home Alone eh? Yikes, scary doesn’t even begin to cover it since that hangdog look that Sylvester Stallone tends to have at times is something that looks as out of place on a kid’s head as crow’s beak would on a pigeon. Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb has more to say on this subject. But somehow it makes him even more believable when it comes to telling how Kevin might actually be a young Jigsaw in the making since he looks positively creepy in each frame and ready to cause mayhem or look forlornly into the distance with every shot. But then comes the idea that Christmas suddenly gets very, VERY dark when the Final Destination footage rolls and you get the realization that Kevin’s entire family just went up in flames. Imagine wishing you had no family and poof, or BOOM, you no longer do. He might have aunts and uncles and other cousins still but the majority of his family and his closest family, all Sly lookalikes save for his mom thankfully, are gone and reduced to so many charred ashes raining from the sky. Oh yes, that sounds grim beyond compare, especially given the fact that Kevin eventually turned the corner and became someone that was far better than the brat he started out to be in the beginning of the movie.

I kind of wonder if anyone else gets that point, that Kevin was kind of a pain in the butt to start with. It wasn’t all his fault honestly, as his big brother Buzz did manage to get away with quite a few things, making a person wonder if he was the oldest and thereby knew how to work their parents. But it didn’t help that Kevin was basically ignored until he did something wrong, whereupon he became the biggest target in the room since no one else was doing anything that could be noticed by comparison. See how that works? His brothers and sisters were old enough to know when to toe the line and not step over it since they knew what would happen, but being the youngest and not having much of their support, if any, Kevin was bound to do things the hard way and make sure that his parents remembered they had a younger son. Unfortunately that meant making a nuisance of himself since that was the only way he ever managed to get their attention. As you can see in the movie it definitely worked, at least until it came time for the family to freak out about catching their plane on time, then Kevin wasn’t even an afterthought.

It’s kind of intriguing really to ask a few questions and realize that a lot of people have been asking about this movie for a while now. One is just what did Kevin’s dad do to afford that house and be able to take care of a family that size? What did his mom do? Then you wonder how much they make since they could afford to take their whole family to Paris in the first movie, then to Florida in the second movie and a quick jaunt to New York near the end. There’s no way that the airline would have comped any of this due to family urgency and switching a flight would be expensive as well. It’s just a thought really as to what the McAllister’s did so as to afford everything so readily. Craig Hlavaty of Chron has an answer to this question thankfully. Then of course there’s the question as to how Harry and Marv weren’t flat out incapacitated or killed after running through Kevin’s various traps since at the very least the two of them should have been in traction after the first movie, and possibly dead or severely traumatized before the second one could even start off. Think about the damage they took, paint cans to the face, multiple falls on the back of their heads, their necks, flesh burned away, glass fragments, nails, and other things shoved into them. Hell, Marv even thumped Harry in the chest with a crowbar, a hit that should have killed him or left him bleeding internally for several seconds until death.

The movies are basically live-action cartoons and that’s why a lot of people, myself included, happen to love them. They offer up a great deal of entertainment that, as an adult, one can deduce would be instant death in many cases if it were to be shown in a realistic manner. But as a holiday movie it’s definitely one that a lot of us can get into since it keeps things light and amusing enough to enjoy. This video though, it gets dark pretty quick and doesn’t look back to see how people might react. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal indeed.

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