Survey Highlights The Most Popular Ways People “Sneak in” Netflix

Survey Highlights The Most Popular Ways People “Sneak in” Netflix

Netflix… Admit it… You’re an addict like the rest of us. Binge watching your favorite TV shows or a new show you just discovered is like falling in a black hole in outer space. But unfortunately, life and its responsibilities often snatch out of our binge watch oasis… That’s when you become a Netflix “sneak watcher.” Not sure what that is?

That’s when you sneak and watch a few minutes of your favorite Netflix shows whenever you can. In traffic, at stoplights, waiting for your kids to come out of school, in line at the grocery store. I do it…and if you don’t you better not judge me. But I bet you do.

I mean seriously, who doesn’t try to cut out a few extra minutes to catch the latest episode of Orange is the New Black or The Walking Dead? In a recent survey of close to 1,000 women conducted by Netflix, they found that 71% of moms sneak in “me time” to watch their favorite Netflix shows and nearly 100% said they wished they had more free time to watch their shows.

In light of this discovery, I decided to compile the top ways people “sneak in” Netflix. Some ideas came directly from the Netflix survey, and others are my personal favorites. You might get a few ideas to sneak in a little Netflix time for your favorite shows.

In line at the grocery store.

Yep, I’ve done it a million times. If the line is long, I’ll pull my phone out and grab a few minutes of OITNB. Not sure how popular this tactic is but I know I use it whenever possible.

While doing laundry.

This is the most popular tactic the women in Netflix survey used to “sneak” Netflix. With 57 percent of survey respondents admitting to doing it, it must be effective.

While parked.

Waiting for your kids to come out of school, while stuck in traffic, while in a long drive-thru line. Yep, it works, and that’s why 15 percent of people do it.

In the bathroom.

40 percent of the people Netflix surveyed said they take extended bathroom breaks to watch their shows. I think we’re all guilty of this at least once in our lives. I mean when the show is getting good you don’t want to get up.

If all else… Hide in the house…

Yes, it’s a bit juvenile… Yes, it’s a tiny bit petty… And no I don’t care. Netflix just uploaded the latest season of Supernatural and I might hide in my tool shed now to binge watch as many episodes as I can. And I’m not alone. According to Netflix survey, 21 percent of respondents admit hiding to catch up on their Netflix shows.


Okay, I think we should all admit it: Netflix is addictive. With 97% of respondents to this survey saying that they wish they had more free time to watch their Netflix shows I think it’s safe to say that we can expect the number of people “Sneaking in” Netflix to increase. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do…

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