Let’s Talk About Lucy Liu’s Role in ‘Shazam: Fury of the Gods’

Shazam: Fury of the Gods, keeps attracting big names as Lucy Liu has now been added to the cast as Kalypso, sister to Hespera, who will be taken on by Helen Mirren. The sisters are the daughters of Atlas, who is part of Shazam’s name and another deity that he gains power from, so the implications here could be interesting given that he’s drawing power from a god that could possibly become an enemy, or at the very least a troubling presence given that it does sound as though Hespera will be an antagonist. It’s possible that Kalypso will be as well, which means that Shazam might be in for a spot of trouble in the coming movie. As one of DC’s hottest properties at this time, Shazam has become a movie that people expect to be done in a manner that will be entertaining in more than a few ways, especially since there was a healthy amount of comedy in the movie. But this time around, while a few of the same people will be making their way back, one has to wonder just how it’s going to work when it comes to villains and heroes, since as it’s been seen in the comics and in the animated series, Shazam has hardly ever been alone, and has had someone to help him out or has simply had someone there. The first movie managed to get away with the seven sins and their human host largely because it was an origin movie that was meant to introduce the character to the big screen. The sequel is going to need to be something that will blow a person’s hair back since otherwise, it’s likely to be too much like the first movie, which wouldn’t be a great idea. 

So far there’s not a whole lot known about the next movie other than a few of the stars and the fact that it should be coming out in 2023. Casting Lucy Liu as a goddess in the upcoming movie is something that will play out in an interesting manner no doubt since as far as being a combatant it would feel as though Kalypso might actually be the type of villain that would have others doing her bidding or would seek to attack a hero such as Shazam in a variety of other ways, as would Hespera. The fact that both roles are being taken by women that are intimidating in their own way is great though since both Liu and Mirren can play very authoritative individuals that others tend to snap into line around on-screen, which is what might make this next movie equal to the first in terms of action, drama, and comedy, since the commanding aura that both women can display will be something that’s likely to come through since otherwise, the point might be kind of lost as to why they’re even there. That sounds a little harsh to be sure, but the fact remains that both women can play a wide number of roles and be just as effective given that they’re both talented and very accomplished in what they’ve done. But in a superhero movie, it feels that they’re both better off being seen as characters that would have a host of underlings that would do what they want, and might otherwise be unaccustomed to fighting on their own unless it’s absolutely necessary. Plus, it’s already funny to think of how Zachary Levi’s character will act around these two given that he’s still, at heart, Billy Batson, a young man that has yet to realize his place in life and might still be a little uncertain of himself at times. 

It’s fair to think that in the second movie that Billy will have gained a little more control over his powers and will be capable of taking on villains in a manner that’s a little more responsible as well as effective. But against goddesses, it feels as though he’s going to have a bigger challenge than he did against the demonic creatures from the first movie. There are bound to be challenges still present in his normal life as well, which will undoubtedly introduce another bit of difficulty that he’ll have to deal with. Also, going up against goddesses it feels almost certain that his loved ones will be put in danger once again and he’ll have to find a way to save them or they’ll have to share the power again, if that’s in the plans, to possibly outsmart the sisters and accomplish whatever goal will be set. But again, going up against deities sounds like a much more daunting task, and depending on how Kalypso will be set up, the challenge could be one that Shazam isn’t quite ready for. It’s going to be interesting to find out. 

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