Supernatural 4.13 “After School Special” Recap

Oh, Dean.  It's not the whistle that makes you a God.

Oh, Dean. It’s not the whistle that makes you a God.

This recap of Supernatural was hard to write, due to the events surrounding the Supernatural family this past week. I was constantly struck by the irony that this was the episode that aired after Kim Manners’ death because the three shows he directed the most episodes of in his long career, going all the way back to Charlie’s Angels, were featured in this episode. Supernatural, obviously, but there was also an homage to The X-Files, and a reference to 21 Jump Street. How eerily prescient it seemed, to this recapper, that this episode was, in and of itself, a dedication to Mr. Manners, and his long career as a Director and Executive Producer, among many other things. I really wish I could say that is the end of the sadness in this recap, but I found this entire episode to be extremely sad, and I doubt I am the only one. I love it, don’t get me wrong. I think it is one of the best Supernatural has ever done.

THEN: I’m already sad, because there is Daddy John Winchester! I miss you! Sammy whined to Dean that John gave him a .45 when he was scared of things in the closet, instead of singing him a happy tune, I suppose? Sam furthered that they had to melt silver into bullets, go through weapons training, and [at least one of them] learned how to fight. They weren’t raised as children, they were raised as warriors! I can forgive Sammy for this, because it’s all from the Pilot, and ancient history, but it’s one of the only bits of fun I can pull out of this depressing episode, so The Boys are going to occasionally get a little slap from me, you’re just going to have to deal. SamGirls, BELIEVE ME, Dean has his coming. Anyway, blah de blah, John told Dean the most important thing was to, “watch out for Sammy”, and Sam “[didn’t] understand the blind faith [Dean had] in the man”, and Dean was pissed that he had to explain, “it’s called being a good son!”

Daddy John felt the need for a showdown with Sammy because Sam “ran away”, and Sammy was mad because all he did was go to college, like a lot of kids his age. It’s not like he wanted to run off an join the circus, although I am sure there is one out there missing a giant. This led to the ultimate of showdowns, with John starting the fun with, “Your brother and me, we needed you! You walked away, Sam. YOU WALKED AWAY!” Dean, always the middle brother in this dysfunctional trio of two sons and a father, tried to calm down both sides with, “Stop it! Both of you!” Alas, Sammy could not be stopped, and he yelled back at John, “You’re the one who said don’t come back, Dad. You’re the one who closed that door, not me!” We get some shots of The Boys blasting some ghosts with rock salt, and generally kicking Hunter ass, and then a weary John saying, “This is never the life I wanted for you.” Sigh. The good old days! Oh, and Daddy John didn’t even show up for Christmas that one time.

NOW: Truman High School, Fairfax, Indiana. Some very fine examples of stereotypical cheerleader whines and jock punks are making fun of their “friend”, who apparently did something called the “reverse cowgirl” over the weekend with some dude. I don’t know what kind of high school this is, but at my high school, the guys would not have been party to making fun of this girl, they would have been plotting how they could get her to perform her tricks on them. This group, however, calls her a “slut”, and when she asks to sit in her normal spot at the lunch table, Main says, “Sorry, this is a skeeve-free zone!” The whole lot of them, the boys and the girls, are drinking the Kool-Aide, and cough/muttering “slut!”, “slut!”, “slut”, until Reverse Cowgirl goes to find somewhere else to sit.

She chooses a table with only one other girl, who I will call April, because that is her name. April tells Reverse Cowgirl that, “she shouldn’t listen to those jerks.” Reverse Cowgirl proves why I am continuing to call her Reverse Cowgirl by responding, “Leave me alone!” April just want her to know that she is sorry for what she is going through. Reverse Cowgirl retorts, “You? You’re sorry? Don’t you feel sorry for me, you fat, ugly, pig.”

Reverse Cowgirl runs off, and is next seen in the school bathroom, crying, while looking at herself in the mirror. Do you girls do that? I cannot think of a time that I felt the need to cry while looking into a mirror. Into a pillow, yes. A mirror? No. It seems slightly narcissistic, like you are checking out how hot you look while you cry? Sure, I’ll check for the mascara runs afterward, but not during. Anyway, to each her own, and RCG is joined in the loo by April. RCG apologizes to April for what was apparently yesterday’s remarks, but it is too little to late, or April is possessed (spoiler!), because RCG gets her face slammed into the mirror, dragged across the bathroom, has her head shoved into the toilet, and proceeds to die by swirly. If you ever really want to crack yourself up, go look and see what I would have meant, according to Urban Dictionary, had I typed that “swirley” (this does not include you, Mom. Urban Dictionary is a myth).

The entire time April is holding RCG’s head under water, a black oil like substance, that reminds me exactly of The X-Files, is running out of April’s eyes while she screams, “I’m not ugly! You’re ugly!” All I know is, that cannot be good, and if we see it again, I’m calling it The Black Oil.

April, locked up in a psych ward, is now back to being April, without The Black Oil, and Sammy is dressed in his “I’m a psych nurse” whites. He asks her why she told the police she was possessed, and she replies that she could see what was happening, and feel what she was doing, but she had no control over her body at all. Can you say it with me now? Did April smell anything…like rotten eggs? Or maybe…sulfur? Did she see any, I don’t know, black smoke? Sammy’s delivery of these routine questions is getting more and more humorous to me, because he is no longer acting like he is randomly trying to get to the bottom of something, which he used to do when he was Super Sensitive Sammy. No, now he just flings the questions out there, and hopes one sticks. His new approach results in a, “Are you crazy?”, from April. Sammy gives the most adorable little aww shucks kind of a laugh and….

We are back to Dean and Metallicar. Sam tells Dean he thinks April is telling the truth. The Boys mull it over for about three seconds, deciding it is some kind of new demonic possession. Dean remarks they need to get into that school, but what to do for a cover? Sammy gives an adorably evil smile, and says, “Don’t worry, I got an idea.”

Holy cow, apparently Eric Kripke got one too, because Foreigner’s “Long, Long Way From Home” is playing. I nearly fell over from the shock of it all! I was seriously starting to think we would never hear classic rock on this show again. Metallicar purrs to a stop, with a strange Deanish looking character in the passenger seat, and we are transported to…

Truman High: 1997. No, our beloved KAZ 2Y5 is not back, instead we have BQN 9R3, for those of you keeping track. TeenDean asks WeeSam if he has his books, lunch, and his butterfly knife. WeeSam moans that he just wants to be normal, and he is tired of moving around all the time. This is their third school this year, and its only November. Ouch, that would suck. In the town I grew up in, we had to go from elementary school, to middle school, to mid-high school, and finally high school, and each change was always a little traumatic. Poor WeeSammy. TeenDean is clearly viewing this as a positive, because it ups the number of hot chicks he gets to come in contact with. So, really, not a whole lot different from our usual Boys. TeenDean tells WeeSam that he will kick the ass of anyone who tries to harass his little (for now) brother. Besides, Daddy John has told them his current Hunt will only last a couple of weeks, and then they will move on. Again, WeeSam is not happy about this and TeenDean dreams of a bigger lake to fish in.

We cut to side by side scenes of the boys getting introduced to their new classrooms. WeeSam’s says an enthusiastic, “Hi, Sam!”, while TeenDean has already started flirting up a blond who looks disturbingly like young Mary Winchester did. Seriously, it’s grossing me out. Their respective teachers ask if they would like to share anything about themselves, and WeeSam barely gets out a “Not really…”, while TeenDean gives a, “Not really, sweetheart!” Seriously, when did Dean inherit the leather jacket from John, because it really does not fit him at all here.

WeeSam’s butterfly knife falls out as he is taking his seat, and the adorable little nerd sitting next to him, Barry, thinks it is really cool. TeenDean’s teacher wants to know where his books are, and he mouths off with a, “Don’t need ’em, Sugar, not going to be here long enough anyway.” More flirting with Creepy Mary Lookalike. Meanwhile, WeeSam’s new buddy is getting his ear flicked by the bully sitting behind him. I swear this is all important later, stick with me. The teacher for WeeSam’s class is talking about how they all need to write an essay about their “most memorable family experience”, and WeeSam is giving the face to the bully that won’t leave poor Barry alone. The bully asks, “you want to take his place, Midget?” and WeeSam says, “Sure”. You know what, I’ve called Jensen Ackles “Li’l Stumpy” enough over the years, I think it is only fair that Jared Padalecki turn into Midget for the rest of this recap.

Present: Hallway of the school, as the bell rings, it’s Sam’s old teacher! I am certain I am only one of a handful that picked up on that due to the fact that the “cover” Sam worked out for Dean is as substitute P.E. teacher; and he is wearing the most ridiculous tight red shorts, white shirt with red ribbing (or is it piping?), white tube socks with the red school colors at the top, and, the coup de grace of this spectacular ensemble, a red headband. He is announcing, with glee, “Today you will have the honor of playing one of the greatest games ever invented. A game of skill, agility, and cunning. A game with one simple rule: DODGE!” A poor kid dares to say, “Uh, Substitute Coach Roth..Ms. Boudreaux never lets us play dodge ball.” Coach replies, “Well, Ms. B’s getting married in Massachusetts, so we’re playing!” And with that, GLAAD will probably yank the one nomination this show earned from its 20th Annual Media Awards. Nice.

Moving on, this is the only scene in the entire show that did not depress me to tears, or worse, so let’s spice it up a little. Coach has reacted to poor little dude’s comment by making him run a lap, and he has picked up a dodge ball, and proceeded to bean the ever loving hell out of a tiny kid at the end of the line. Dean mutters a “sorry”, but clearly, he is loving every minute of this. Fortunately for the kids, or rather unfortunately for one of them, Janitor Sam walks in, and Coach Roth tosses all of the dodge balls in the air, and tells the kids to “go nuts!” while he conferences with his appropriately sized brother, who asks if Dean is “having fun?” Well, considering he liked torturing souls in hell, I’m guessing torturing little kids with dodge ball is right up his ally. WOW, this depressing episode has made me MEAN! I am still not apologizing, though. Janitor Sam has found no evidence of sulfur, to which Coach Roth replies, “No sulfur, no demon. No demon, no case!” He wants to hit the road, but not before lunchtime, since it is sloppy-joe day. Dean must be rebounding from hell a little bit, he’s hungry again. That’s got to be a good sign, right? Also, “The whistle makes me their God!” He seems so damn happy about that, you’ve just got to love it. Sam’s reaction of, “Right, nice shorts!” also makes me happy, because it’s like they are falling into their old routine. I know they aren’t. I know, I know, but it is nice to see glimpses of it here and there.

At this precise moment, a little boy runs by holding a bloody nose, and Coach Roth yells after him, “Good hustle, Colby! Walk it off!” Why do I get the feeling Dean is channeling John for this role as Coach. That does it, I’m even mad at John? This episode has officially pushed me over the edge. The only thing that could possibly make it worse is if I start wishing they would perform a hex on my beloved Bobby!

Classroom, and what the hell kind of school is this? They have Cuisinarts all over with the lids off. When I was in school, and we were dissecting fetal pigs, they barely gave us a dull pencil to work with, and now, post-Columbine, schools have machines with whirling blades? I graduated from high school in 1993, when things were kinder and gentler, and we had reasonable precautions even then.

Well, not for much longer after today for this school (spoiler!). Some jock needs to copy some other student’s algebra homework. I wish I could call them something else, but they do not have names, apparently.

Algebra Genius: Why, ’cause you’re a stupid, brain dead dick?”

Some Jock: I’m gonna shove my fist down your throat!

Algebra Genius: That fist?


Sammy runs in to find the elusive possessor has already left Algebra Student, and the student is wondering what the hell happened, and he has The Black Oil coming out of his ear. Awww, honey, the good news is you probably won’t have anyone asking for your help with Algebra again.

WONK! (that is my version of the noise we all know by another name, but we will not call it that here; we’ll get used to it, I promise.)

Present: Dean is in a red track suit, and Sammy is still rocking the hell out of the Janitor’s uniform, and they are walking down the halls of the school with the trusty EMF reader. There’s not even this slightest blip. Sammy chit-chats, “How’s the non-violence assembly going?” Dean replies, “Apparently shoving a kid’s arm into a Cuisinart is not a healthy display of anger.” You might want to write that one down for future reference, Dean.

The Boys run through the possibilities, some more, again, and determine The Black Oil coming out of the ear of Algebra Student has to be ectoplasm, which means, of course, ghost possession. The Boys cannot figure out where the seriously pissed off spirit is, considering there is absolutely no reading coming up on the EMF anywhere in the school. Dean finds a file that tragically shows that Barry Cook, Midget’s little friend, slit his wrists in the 1st floor girls’ bathroom in 1998. The Boys decide that Barry is possessing nerds to go after bullies.


A jock knocks the books out of Barry’s hands, and pushes Barry to the ground. Midget gets down to help his new friend pick up his books, and Barry shares that he just has to hold on for three more years, and then he is going to Michigan State, where they have an outstanding vet program. Midget asks if Barry likes animals. Really, Midget? Your male bonding skills are severely stunted from spending too much time in a car with your horny brother and your Hunt obsessed father. Anyway, Barry states the obvious: “They are nicer than people.”

Unfortunately, we are still stuck in the past, and TeenDean is making out with Mary Lookalike in the broom closet. He suavely says, “So tonight, I’m thinking you, me, bucket of popcorn, extra butter….” Mary Lookalike: “Mmmm, kinky”. Recapper: “Please, angry spirit, knock some of that cleaner off the shelves, and separate these two before I vomit.” Dean continues with, “And a midnight showing of “I Spit on Your Grave” at the Cinedom.” Nice, I always like the guys I am interested in to take me for buttery popcorn, and a good controversial rape/revenge movie. TeenDean is making Purple Nurple smashed Dean look like freaking Dean Martin in the suave category.

Mary Lookalike is amazed Dean can stay out late enough for the midnight showing. TeenDean proceeds to tell her about their “sweet” setup at The Pines, complete with his usual favorites, “HBO, Magic Fingers, and free ice”. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and he thinks it’s perfect. Mary Lookalike wonders if he doesn’t miss his Dad though. TeenDean looks like he hasn’t really let himself think about it that way, which explains a lot about the Dean we all met in season one.

Out in the mean halls, Big Bully Dirk goes after Barry, and Midget steps in, telling Barry to go, fast. Mr. Wyatt, the teacher from earlier, steps in and breaks it up, but not before Midget gets in a really good practice glare that could easily grow into Sammy Face. You just keep plugging away at that, Tiger, and one day you will maybe scare your brother with it.

Present: This scene was so hard for me to watch, and I am going to recap it like I am on fire myself. Sammy is salting his friend, Barry’s, bones, while we get the requisite Dean match-lighting and a “So long, Barry Cook”.

Back in Metallicar, it is raining, and the alternate shots of The Boys through a rain streaked windshield, followed by the wipers clearing off the windshield is beautiful. Sammy is nothing short of utterly devastated. Dean asks if he is alright, to which Sammy replies, “Barry was my friend, and I just burned his bones.” Dean, completely helpless to comfort his little brother says, “Well, he’s at peace now, Sam.” Sammy feels if only they had stayed a little longer back in 1987, he could have helped Barry. Dean says everything you can say to someone feeling this kind of grief; he was on anti-depressants, his parents had just split, and Barry just wanted out. Jared Padalecki was so beautiful in this scene, I would watch it over and over if I could bear to, but I just can’t. I’m not talking about his utterly handsome face, I am referring to the beauty of the acting. The grief is too raw, and on the surface. Dean is relieved they are finally done with this town. I am too.

Past: TeenDean and Midget are on the football field talking, and TeenDean wants to kill the bully who is after his little brother. He wonders why Midget didn’t defend himself, when he was raised to fight, knows how to fight. Midget replies that he just wanted to be normal, for once, and my heart breaks all over again for the Sammy we know now, who can never, ever be normal. Somehow Mary Lookalike makes it into this conversation in that she wants TeenDean to meet her parents, and he “doesn’t do parents”. Well, hallelujah, we have a boundary!

Mr. Wyatt has called Midget into his classroom to discuss his paper on his “most memorable family experience”. Apparently, Midget turned in a paper about killing a werewolf last summer with his father and brother. Mr. Wyatt asks if Midget understood the paper was supposed to be non-fiction, and he did. He is fine with Mr. Wyatt giving him a failing grade. Mr. Wyatt tells Midget that he is giving him an “A”, and asks if he has ever thought of pursuing writing. Midget explains that he cannot, he has to go into the family business.

Mr. Wyatt: Do you want to go into the family business, Sam?

Sam: No one’s ever asked me that before.

Mr. Wyatt: Well?

Sam: More than anything, no.

Mr. Wyatt goes on to explain that he comes from a family of surgeons, and they were all less than thrilled when he chose the glamorous world of teaching, but, “There may be three or four big choices that shape someone’s whole life, and you need to be the one that makes them, not anyone else. You seem like a great kid, Sam. Just live the life you want to live.”

We are back to seeing present Sam through the rain-soaked windshield, looking absolutely bereft. He wants to swing by the school before they leave town so he can say good-bye to Mr. Wyatt. Dean replies, “Well, whatever, go have your Robin Williams, ‘O Captain, My Captain’ moment, just make it quick.” If you are too young to get that reference…your recapper feels very, very old. Just Google it. Carpe diem!

As Sam walks through the corridor, we flash back and forth between WeeSam and The Puppy, both running their hands through their hair in exactly the same way. I haven’t said this yet, but I really thought they did an excellent job casting WeeSam, and I know this is Colin Ford’s second outing as WeeSam, the first being season three’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas”. I am very glad that he has grown enough to be able to play WeeSam in this episode. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the actor who played young Dean in the Christmas episode, and also in season one’s “Something Wicked”, as he has not aged enough to play TeenDean. I’m sorry, but Brock Kelly is just not doing it for me as TeenDean. I know a lot of you will disagree with me, and I’m okay with that, I just found him to be very one-note; where Colin Ford showed a wide range of emotions, all of which translated well to Jared Padalecki’s “Sam Winchester”. I suppose I just opened the floodgates for the “no one can play “Dean Winchester” except for Jensen Ackles”, and I guess I deserve it, even if I don’t agree with it. Even you die-hard DeanGirls have to admit Colin Ford did an outstanding job as Midget.

Back to the corridor, and the point: A very petite girl, wearing a kitty t-shirt under a striped hoodie (trust me, you will thank me later for paying that close attention to her attire) approaches Sam, asking him for directions to a certain room, which he happily gives. What he gets in return is a really creepy smile, followed by, “Thanks, Sam!” She flies at Sam, and stabs him across the chest, while stating the obvious, “You got tall, Winchester!” Apparently not tall enough to keep from getting the crap kicked out of him by a petite teenager, who kicks him in the place you don’t want to kick any man you like, smacks him hard across the face, and finally knocks him to the floor, all the while The Black Oil is leaking from the corner of her mouth. Quite fortuitously, The Ginormotron is prepared with a vial of salt in his pocket, which he quickly dumps in his hand, grabs the girl around the neck, and forces the salt into her mouth, and down her throat. The ghost black smokes its ass down the hall.

Dean, typically, loses it when his big-little brother is attacked and declares, “That ghost is dead! I’m going to rip its lungs out. Well, you know what I mean.” The Boys are back to wondering who the hell the ghost is, since they salted and burned Barry. They toss around clueless ideas, until Dean makes an amazing discovery in a file, and says, “No way, how did we not see this. Look, Martha Dumptruck, Revenge of the Nerds, and Hello Kitty, they all rode the same bus.” Well, that explains why the EMF came up with a whopping nothing in the school. Dean is confused because, in his experience, ghosts are always tied to the places they haunt, “they just can’t bail”. Sam comes to the rescue with, “Dean, there’s lore about spirits possessing people, and riding them for miles. Then, whenever they leave the body, they’re bungeed back to their usual haunt; but until then, the ghosts can go wherever they want.” Dean snaps, “Ghosts getting creative, well that’s just super.” I am just trying to get the image of Ruby 2.0 riding Sam for miles before being bungeed back somewhere else out of my head. Seriously, where does she hang out when she is not with The Boys? Ew.

The Boys head to the Bus Barn, and start searching the bus for anything from a body; a hair, a hangnail, and I want to vomit. Dean finds a driving permit that was issued in the last two weeks to one Dirk MacGregor, Sr. You know, the obvious jokes are always available about Dean “getting around”, but Sammy knew this guy’s son. Too bad Sammy’s acquaintances are never as fun as Dean’s.

Past: Turns out Big Bully who pushed Midget to the floor, called him “lose-chester”, and challenged him to a rumble in the hallway, was Dirk MacGregor, Jr. Something snapped in Midget this time, though, and he beat the ever loving crap out of Dirk. Not only that, but he said, “You’re not tough, you’re just a jerk, Dirk the Jerk.” All of the children crowded around started chanting, “Dirk the Jerk'”, “Dirk the Jerk”, “Dirk the Jerk”. Wow, it wasn’t like we haven’t already piled a ton of guilt on Sammy, now this? The Boys go off to visit Dirk, Sr, where…

It just gets a lot worse for poor Sammy. It turns out that Dirk’s mom had cancer, and he cooked for her, cleaned up after her, and was her general caregiver until she died when Dirk was 13. His father goes so far as to say he was a great kid, who nursed his mother through her death, watching her die slowly, and waste away into nothing. To top it off, they were very poor, and Dirk Sr. blames himself for all of his son’s troubles because of this. Of course, the children at school picked on him, “even had a nickname for him, Dirk the Jerk.” Dean, you had better check Sammy’s back to make sure his powers haven’t suddenly grown to include telekinesis, and he is not slowly twisting a knife in his own back, using only his mind. Dirk Jr. eventually died at the age of 18 from a combination of drinking and drugs. Sam apologizes to Dirk Sr., and says he did not know. It is obvious by the look on his face that he’s not going to get over this one any easier than he took Barry’s salting and burning.

It’s at moments like these when I most appreciate Dean for being able to turn the most horrific conversations into almost humorous exchanges. Almost. He asks if Dirk Jr. was cremated, and when he receives an affirmative, he asks, “All of him?” Only Dean, my friends, only Dean. It turns out the Dirk Sr. keeps a lock of his son’s hair in the Bible he keeps on his school bus. We are suddenly inside the bus, which is full of kids, and the bus driver has The Black Oil coming out of his nose.


Eddie, the substitute bus driver, is driving erratically, to say the least, when he runs over a hastily constructed nail strip of some kind that Our Boys MacGyver’d together. The bus comes to a halt, and Sam screams, “Dirk!”, while looking mighty fine holding a sawed-off shotgun. Dirk is suddenly out of the bus, and says, “Winchester, what are you going to do, shoot me?” In the most awesome maneuver of the night, Dean comes flying from behind Dirk, and kind of lassos him with a rope, while Sammy explains, “Don’t need to, that rope is soaked in salt water, Dirk, you’re not going anywhere.” Well, Dirk has hidden the lock of hair somewhere, and he is not in a sharing mood.

Dean has hopped aboard the bus to calm the students, when one of them asks, “Aren’t you the P.E. teacher?” Dean uses his usual quick thinking, and says, “Not really, I’m like 21 Jump Street, the bus driver sells pot. Yeah.” Awesome.

Dean is searching all over, but he can’t find the Bible. Meanwhile, Dirk and Sam are verbally sparring.

Dirk Jr: Sam Winchester, still a bully. You, you jocks, you popular kids. You always thought you were better than everybody else. To you, I was just ‘Dirk the Jerk’, right? Now you evil sons of are going to get what’s coming to you.

I have to say, I was looking everywhere on the screen for someone else he could be addressing, because he just described the anti-Sam, but whatever, I’ll let Sammy talk now.

Sam: I’m not evil, Dirk. *voice cracks* I’m not, and neither were you. Trust me, I’ve seen real evil. We were scared, and miserable, and we took it out on each other. Us and everybody else, that’s high school. But you suffer through that, and it gets better. I’m just sorry you didn’t get a chance to see that. You or Barry.

Dirk: Nothing is going to get better for me , not ever.

And then he Hulks his way right out of the ropes, and escapes to a new body, because now a jock in a letter jacket has The Black Oil. He flies out a window to attack Sam, and does a really fine job of kicking poor Sammy’s ass, while Sam begs for Dean to hurry up and find the lock of hair. Dean finally does find it in the right boot of Eddie, the bus driver, and he burns it, at which point Dirk spectacularly flames and sparkles out of the jock kid’s body.

Sam, meanwhile is stuck underneath the body of said jock kid, and says, “A little help here?” Dean hilariously replies, “He’s giving you the full cowgirl!”

Past: Oh, no, it’s not over yet. Trust me, I thought it was too. TeenDean is back in the supply closet, and this time he is getting hot and heavy with who I swear is TeenRuby 2.0. This episode could not have skeeved me anymore if it tried with its choices of TeenDean’s conquests. Knock on the door, it’s Amanda, both girls are mad, and stomp off. TeenDean decides that Amanda is worth chasing after, and gets a tongue lashing about how she thought, deep down, there was more to him than just a, “I couldn’t give a crap, bad boy thing”. Apparently, she was impressed by his relationship with his brother, and she thought there was more underneath than a “sad, lonely, little kid”, and she feels sorry for him. I wouldn’t have bothered to recap that because who cares about what Amanda thinks of TeenDean, but what TeenDean said next sort of caught me off guard. He is angry, and retorts, “You feel sorry for me, huh? Don’t feel sorry for me, you don’t know anything about me. I save lives. I’m a hero, a hero!”

Bzuh? Wow. Those were the days, I guess. Look at how far the Dean hath fallen. The only time you will find him using the word hero in conjunction with himself these days is if he wants the sandwich.

Meanwhile, Midget is getting the royal treatment. It’s all high-fives and shoulder slaps. The other kids are saying things like; “Good job, Sammy!”; and, “Great job with Dirk the Jerk”; and, my personal favorite, “Sam the Man!”

Dean’s cellphone rings, “Dad? Finally! I can’t wait to get the hell out of here, this place sucks!”

HONK! HONK! Metallicar growls away from the school, and WeeSam looks back, sees Barry in a window of the school, and the two wave good-bye to each other.

Present: Sam has returned to Mr. Wyatt’s classroom and says, “Mr. Wyatt? You probably don’t remember me, um, but my name is Sam Winchester, and, uh, I just wanted to thank you.” Mr. Wyatt, understandably, needs further information, and Sam begins, “I was a student here, and, uh, you gave me some advice once.” Mr. Wyatt’s memory has been appropriately jogged, and he says, “Winchester? Right! Right! You wrote that horror story!” Sam is forced to agree, and Mr. Wyatt wants to know what he did that helped Sam, because maybe he can use it to reach another student someday. Sam says, “You told me that I didn’t have to go in the family business. You said I should make my own choices.” Mr. Wyatt assumes this means that Sam has managed to make his own choices, and Sam agrees that he did, for a while, until he grew up and realized he had responsibilities. Sam continues, “But still, you took an interest in me when no one else did. That matters, so thank you.” Mr. Wyatt responds, “Well, you know, the only thing that really matters is that you’re happy. You happy, Sam?”


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