It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.03 “The Gang Buys a Boat” Review

Only the men of the gang would be so enamored with such a crappy boat. It’s beyond crappy, in fact. It looks like a death trap. What better a vessel for the gang to begin their “boat culture” lifestyle?

After making a hefty sum of money from Dick Towel sales, the gang decides to buy a boat so that they can be a part of boat culture. The problem, as any faithful viewer would know, is that the five work terribly together. They’re a patronizing, conniving bunch.

Don Swayze (brother of Patrick) makes a small cameo as a shady fellow hosting a boat party complete with prostitutes and a diabetic amputee. I thought that his role would be larger, but it was funny nonetheless. It reminded me a lot of Roddy Piper as Da Maniac in the wrestling episode of season five. He looked gruff, dirty and probably smelled like cigarettes and beer.

Given the first two episodes dealing with gay marriage, it was nice to see a break from topical humor. We even see a continuation of the recent trend of jokes that reward viewers from past seasons. Dennis’ love for all things Steve Winwood and dark feelings toward sex, for example.

The tried and true setup of the three guys sitting at someone’s desk and being way more assertive than is socially acceptable returned this evening. This is one of my favorite gags in the show, especially when members of the gang jump all over someone at the first sign of them losing interest.

I thought tonight’s episode was fantastic (as usual), but I can see some fans being disappointed. Buying a boat is not something I pictured the gang doing as I watched the series up to this point. Earlier seasons seemed to have a less is more approach, but it looks like that’s changing with season six.

Nevermind what I think. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below or sound off in the Sunny thread in our forums!

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