Stephen Colbert Calls Out Donald Trump For Lying About President Obama’s Birther Controversy

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Donald Trump probably more than any other late night host out there, but last night on The Late Show, he didn’t spend much time laughing at the Republican presidential candidate. Instead, Colbert took Trump to task for his lying about his involvement in the birther controversy surrounding President Obama, and he didn’t pull any punches, allowing his anger and frustration with the Republican candidate to openly flow out of him, while also making sure to get some deep, nasty digs at Trump as well.

“That’s a firm grasp of the obvious,” Colbert said, after playing a clip of Trump announcing that Obama was born in the United States, which was taken from a press conference the candidate held this past Friday. “Next, I assume he’s going to announce that water is wet, bears poop in the woods, and that Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.”

Trump has tried to claim that Hillary Clinton was the person that really started the birther controversy with her campaign back in 2008, but countless video clips of Trump from over the years, which Colbert played last night, show that the Republican candidate was always the one that wouldn’t let this issue go. Even after Obama released his official birth certificate, Trump still wasn’t satisfied, claiming it was a forgery created by “Israeli science” and promising to send “a team of investigators to Hawaii to uncover the truth.”

“Who are these people that we never heard from again?” Colbert said about Trump’s investigators before comparing them to the characters on Gilligan’s Island.

But Colbert still wasn’t done. He even played the video that Trump made for Obama back in 2012, in which Trump promised that if the president released his college records and applications, he would donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choosing. This video also reminded Colbert of the similar promise that he made to Trump during that time; if Trump would let Colbert dip a certain body part in his mouth, he would donate $1 million to the charity of Trump’s choosing. Unfortunately, it never happened, but Colbert still has hope that it could.

Watch Stephen Colbert rip apart Donald Trump’s lies and re-offer him that hilarious proposition in the video below:

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