Stargate Universe 1.20 “Incursion Pt. 2” Recap

MAN! If anyone thinks that SGU sucks after last night’s episode, then I really don’t know what to say. I feel bad for those who tuned out, but at the same time I can’t hold anything against them. I do know one thing though: I officially hate the Lucian Alliance…

In Good Faith…

Each faction prepares for the medical supply exchange, but the crew of the Destiny has a plan. What that said plan is? I don’t know, but it involves Greer being a part of the exchange in civilian clothing and in a red shirt mind you. Not cool.

When they make the exchange, Col. Young introduces Greer as another medic. Kiva makes TJ check the supplies to see if the Lucian Alliance actually needs them for their services. After this goes down, the ship’s power goes out again and Kiva thinks that Col. Young and crew are at fault, especially after Greer raises his gun declaring that he has the shot and TJ in the middle of both camps. Col. Young commands for TJ to come towards him, but Kiva threatens to kill her where TJ stands if one step is made in the wrong direction. Kiva also reveals that she has her men on standby to kill anyone if she is killed or wounded in any way. In the end, Kiva gets the upper hand and they take the supplies and TJ and go their way, while Col. Young licks his wounds from that major screw up. So much for taking the ship back…

When Kiva’s camp returns to the gate room, she is so pissed that she kills the soldier who was picked out with Riley and TJ as if the guy was a bag of garbage. The woman didn’t even bat an eye as she slayed this guy, who was named Rivers, and I had to replay the incident a couple of times, because it was just that quick and ridiculous. Anyway, Telford is pissed at Kiva’s callous behavior, but gets shut up by the gunslinging diva. Kiva then orders for TJ to tell Col. Young what happened.

Meanwhile, Eli and Chloe rest from their trip back from unknown parts of the ship. Chloe cuddles under Eli, who is highly ‘bothered’ by this and can’t think straight while the two discuss what Col. Young will do with the prisoners. Boy, if they only knew what as going down on the other part of the ship.

Col. Young makes his way back to the control room and screams for the scientists to fix whatever it is that’s wrong with the ship. When they balk at his reaction, he explains that Rivers has been killed, which Rush replies nonchalantly,”Well, it was going to be someone.” Oh. Hell.

Young sees red and lunges for Rush’s throat, but Rush continues, asking Young would he had rather it had been Eli, Chloe, or TJ that was shot. Wow, so grunts are expendable at all costs? Hmmm… In the infirmary, TJ meets Koz, a Lucian Alliance member sent to assist her in operating on Varro (Mike Dopud).

Plan C aka Camile Wray

Camile Wray thinks that’s its best to turn over the ship to the Lucian Alliance to save the other hostages, but Young tells her that’s a bad idea, because if that happens then Kiva would still kill everyone who is no use to her, which is more than half of the survivors. Kiva suddenly contacts the Colonel through radio, but asks to speak with Camile Wray. It seems that she trusts Camile more now since Young has screwed up royally several times (in Kiva’s eyes), so Kiva and Camile come to an agreement on the 4-for-4 prisoner exchange with food and water included. Camile accepts the terms. God help them (us) all… After the deal is made, Kiva plans to take supplies with then in the next wave, which Telford throws an “if” in to that scenario. The ship then goes haywire again and sends every one in a tizzy.

In the control room, Young (and the audience) finds out what’s causing the outages. Turns out that a binary neutron star is the culprit behind the Destiny’s latest woes and each burst is damaging the shields, which can go out and every one on board will be exposed to the rays. Thank the Lucian Alliance for this mishap for dialing the gate while the Destiny was trying to pass the star. The Destiny can’t leave cause the FTL drives have been compromised, which the scientists are working on. Did you get all that info? Good, because bottom line is that if they don’t get to booking, they are literally toast. Camile relays the new information to Kiva, who decides to switch the prisoners and food first, before delving into solutions, because that’s all that matters when two hours from now they will all be incinerated ashes. I digress…

Telford goes to check on TJ to see what the hold up is before Kiva snaps and kills TJ. He fills the medic in on the situation, but TJ thinks that Kiva won’t let Young and Rush solve the problem. Telford promises that he will try to get Kiva to see reasoning. Back in the mess hall, grunts and civilians pack food for the exchange and Camile reports to Lt. Scott that everything is in place for the exchange to go down. He tries to get her to wear a flack vest, but she declines stating that she wants to display trust to the other camp. Your loss, Camile…

TJ reports to Kiva that she has done all she could with Varro and wants to work on the other wounded, namely the prisoners.

The exchange takes place, but Camile is disappointed to see the prisoners Kiva selected were only two civilians and a grunt. When Camile voices her dissatisfaction, Kiva has her men drag the dead body of Rivers in to make four. Camile asks for TJ, but Kiva says that’s not going to happen and for them to find a solution on the neutron star situation. After Kiva’s camp leaves, Scott asks where the hell is Chloe and Eli, but Camile relays Kiva’s explanation of them only having two civilians from the start. Good job, Camile! RMFE…

The Situation is Critical and Everyone is Looking Pitiful…

Speaking of the lost friends, Eli and Chloe are almost sucked out the ship after Eli opens a door to an exposed area of the ship. Meanwhile, Scott talks with Greer about his concern of Chloe and Eli being unaccounted for on the ship, but Greer tells Scott that he can’t let that distract him from the mission at hand and to trust Col. Young. Scott marvels at Greer’s resolve and asks his comrade how does he do it. Greer simply tells Scott he needs to learn to get like him, which in layman’s terms means to grow a pair. Greer kicks ass… When he’s not a lunatic, that is. Also, Varro has woken up and tries to make peace with TJ, but obviously didn’t get the memo about class and how you should talk to people. TJ remains stoic, but drips signs of “stop talking to me and shut the hell up” in her word usage.

Eli and Chloe sit and talks about how Chloe doesn’t have friends… (I’m sorry. This was becoming the least interesting story arc at hand, but then the juicy bits start to fall). Eli starts to get uncomfortable when Chloe says that she didn’t know the true meaning of a friend until she met Eli. Clearly the word “friend” is gutting Eli like a ginsu knife. The not so surprising thing is that Chloe knows this as she tells Eli that she knows about his feelings towards her, because of Eli’s hurt reaction when she regulates him as a friend. Wow… Eli takes it like a champ, though, but notices that they are near a console and can reach the others. So at least some ground has broken in that storyline…

In the control room, the four scientists figure out that by shielding only the side of the ship facing the star, that can buy them time to fix the FTL drive. The only problem is that to do that, someone must take a walk in space and fix it on the outside of the ship. Enter Greer and Scott for the spacewalk. But there is another problem, which can be solved with help from the enemy. See the closest spot (which is where the blue aliens took Chloe) to reach the console on the side of the ship is under Lucian territory. Camile lays the situation out for Kiva and asks the woman for access to that spot, but Kiva wants full control of the ship in order to do so. I’m sick of this woman…


Telford contacts Young with the secret walkie talkie he got during last week’s episode. He tells Young to transfer control of the ship over to Kiva and surrender everyone except Rush and Brody, who need to run to the auxiliary control room so Telford can restore control back to Rush when he gets the chance. Dr. Rush mentions giving the Lucian Alliance control and making them think they have it before pulling the rug from under them. Telford reponds that they will take all the prisoners to one room, which can give Rush the clearance to vent the air out of the compartments containing Lucian Alliance goons. Seems like a good plan, right? But will these surrounding compartments contain TJ, Eli, and Chloe?

Col. Young then surrenders control of the ship, which is a painful scene to watch. Before Brody and Dr. Rush run off, they receive a message from Eli of their whereabouts. Brody messages them back to stay put. The change over happens and all crew members of the Destiny are taken to the common room except Camile, Young, Greer, and Scott. In the infirmary, Varro is still running his mouth, saying that the ship wasn’t theirs to begin with. Oh and that’s supposed to make it all better? RME!!!! He asks TJ for a truce, but she again give him a look.

Both groups of leaders send Greer and Scott on their spacewalk. Telford monitors a goon who is controlling the shields to let the spacewalkers through. He then slips out and finds a power relay and shoots it (was that a good idea?) to divert attention to the console. The goon notices something wrong on the screen and calls Kiva, who leaves to investigate. Telford returns to the goon and the console and orders the goon to go fix the problem. When the goon leaves, Telford starts to send control back to Dr. Rush. In the midst of doing this, Telford hears someone coming and it’s Kiva. Both of them raises there guns and there is a gun shot heard.

On the hull of the ship, Greer and Scott work on fixing the problem, thinking everything is hunky dory. They only reach one problem, but they fix it on their own, but on the down side it takes away precious time for them, leaving them with 14 minutes till the next burst of rays hits the ship. Back in the second control room, Rush and Brody realize that the transfer has stopped. In the gate room, the goon returns with more goons and they both find Kiva (still breathing, but unconscious) and Telford (?) shot. The goons automatically think that they have been infiltrated by Young’s men and instantly start taking extreme measures, which goes to show that they have no common sense or tactical training whatsoever. Scott and Greer try to get back in the Destiny, but the Lucian Alliance won’t answer their call. Dr. Rush radios the two soldiers and tells them of another way to enter the ship through an airlock that’s in their control, but the two soldiers might not make it in time. Dr. Rush then remembers Eli is at a console and can access it from there. Ah, now I see the point of Eli and Chloe being on the other half of the ship. He sends the orders to Eli, who leaves Chloe alone in a secure area and kisses her before taking off to help his friends.

In the infirmary, the goons bring Kiva in and Varro starts to ask questions. In the common room, the Big, Bald dude who decides to take command sense Kiva’s out the picture now, has the civilians separated from the military group and transferred to another room. Big Bald guy declares to Varros that he is about to end this once and for all and orders for Varros to bring all the injured soldiers to him. Back in the infirmary, TJ hears this and declares that they can forget her working on Kiva if Varros goes through with that order. One goon prompts another soldier and a fight and shootout takes place and some of the goons are taken out, but Varros kills the soldier and surveys the damages. TJ lies in the middle of it all, bloody. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Eli runs through the corridors, while Greer and Scott run on the hull of the ship to the rendezvous point. Chloe passes out for what looks like could be the last time, Camile and the civilians are herded into an unknown part of the ship, and the last frame we see is the Lucian Alliance preparing all military personnel for a mass killing and Young standing tall. The ship flickers again, meaning the burst has happened. But before the lights dim out, Young stares into the sky, wondering who will survive and what will be left of them…


HOLY FRAKKING SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inside the Airlock

– Yes, I am glad to be in the airlock now to let Greer and Scott in, just in case Eli doesn’t make it. But even if that wasn’t the case…

– I hate the Lucian Alliance. They are worse than any aliens I’ve seen on a scifi show and they have no common sense whatsoever. Seriously. Who would knowingly strand themselves on a ship they have no idea about way across the universe from the rest of their kind? And then kill most of the people who at least have more knowledge on the situation at hand than they do? Their whole existence is a joke, or at least this group of LA goons are. It just doesn’t add up to me. I need to know why they need the Destiny and why would they go through the lengths that they have to gain this ship. What do they know that Dr. Rush, Young, and the others don’t? And Varro’s whole “it wasn’t your ship to begin with” line? Dude, I seriously wanted to punch my TV screen in. Seriously. Their galatic-boneheads. Period. Cannot wait to see them all get sucked out the frakking airlock.

– Am I the only one who screamed when that soldier attacked that Lucian goon in the infirmary? I know most of you probably predicted (and predicted right) that TJ’s unborn child would be in danger, but I never thought someone would callously put her in danger the way they did last night. I seriously hate that after the baby shower and the sacrifice that TJ gave to keep it, that we will not hear the pitter patter of feet running through the Destiny. Frak the Lucian Alliance.

– Chloe finally acknowledged Eli’s love for her. But will it matter in the end? I can see her being torn next season between the two guys, but just as long as they keep it Twilight-lite. But seriously, if Chloe lunges herself back to Scott then I will be heavily pissed.

– The events of ‘Subversion’ through ‘Incursion Pt. 1 and Pt. 2’ will weigh heavily on Col. Young. His face at the of the episode spoke volumes. The man is officially crushed, people. May God Have Mercy on his soul.

I will leave it at that, because I plan on giving a full review of SGU’s first season. What do you guys expect for the upcoming season, which is in October? OCTOBER, mind you!!!!! What are we going to do till then?!?!?! Sound off below!

See you in the fall! And I Would Like To Congratulate The Cast and Crew of SGU For A Phenomenal First Season!


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