Stargate Universe 1.06 “Water” Recap

While the previews of this week’s Stargate Universe showed danger on both the ice planet and the Destiny, I felt that the latter storyline carried the most weight in the suspense and drama department. I had to switch sides tonight in the character department as well, because of some idiotic moves that I will get into later. But first let’s get this recap started for last night’s episode, ‘Water’.

Have You Seen The One About The Alien Stowaway?

Of course, SGU can’t start without what I have dubbed until further notice as the Problem of the Week, which for this installment is the mysterious disappearing of the water levels. Immediately, my money is on pill-popping, lunatic soldier Spencer, because let’s face it, has to have water to swallow his habit. Everyone else’s mind is in the same arena as Spencer has been asking to take a look at the water tank, which Reilly refused to grant him access to do. Col. Young orders for no one to go near the tank until further notice.

Later, Col. Young talks to Dr. Rush and Eli about their latest hiccup in survival. Col. Young wants to know why they can’t dial Earth since the ship is fully recharged. That’s a good point. But Dr. Rush dashes our hopes by revealing that the Destiny is really not in good shape with it’s resources and doesn’t want to take a risk, because the ship’s power is less than 40% of the it’s original design capacity. Seems as if Col. Young is fed up with problem after problem as well while he assigns Mr. Brody to help Rush come up with a feasible solution to the water problem, while he borrows Eli.

Col. Young recruits Eli to ‘spy’on people through the Kino to see if they are involved with the depletion of the water supply. The guy who got shot in the third episode (and whose life was saved because of it), Dr. Franklin, makes it known that he doesn’t trust the military faction of the ship and thinks that they are hording all the water. He also makes it known that he is not scared to voice said opinion to the Kino, which Eli and Young watch from another control room. Young tells Eli to keep at it so they can suss out the culprit, but while Eli isn’t watching, the actual culprit floats by behind him.

Remember the sand tornado that followed Lt. Scott through his excursion for limestone on the sand planet? Yep. They’re our stowaways.

I say ‘they’re’because the tornado is actually a clump of alien forms, which are the equivalent to those pesky gnat-like bugs that travel in swarms. Anyway, Greer feels their presence, but doesn’t follow up on them.

Scott and Young go on an expedition on an ice planet that Eli dubs as the ‘Hoth System’for suitable ice that they can use to replace the water supply. Before they leave, Young puts Lt. Johanssen (aka TJ) in charge of the Destiny while he is gone, which Rush snarks about.

TJ’s first incident to deal with while in charge is that the water levels have dropped yet again without anyone being in or out, but since Mr. Brody has declared that there isn’t any leak, TJ thinks someone has been stealing water from the tank.

But no one got in or out of the room so how could they have stolen it? Well, Spencer IS a soldier… TJ orders a search of people’s supplies. While she walks through the ship, TJ has an encounter with the alien sand tornado. It doesn’t harm her, but it replicates her face. When the swarm disappears, TJ gets a call from Greer about a discovery in Spencer’s room. This man has TWO jugs of water and all types of rations bars in his room. He feigns innocence and I say airlock him. Greer wants to kick his ass and that’s not a bad idea, either, but TJ orders him in a brig. Greer then asks what did she see and she says she doesn’t know, but that she needs to talk to Rush about it.

Later, Greer searches Chloe’s room despite him knowing that Chloe is completely understanding and is not the culprit. But Dr. Franklin bursts in and declares that they all have rights and that Greer and his comrades are out of line. After Greer doesn’t find anything (like he expected), he tells Franklin that his room is next. I smell a coup soon.

TJ, Eli, and Rush discuss the alien creatures and TJ and Rush deduce that the alien creatures are the same being that Scott saw on the desert planet. TJ doesn’t think they’re harmless, but Eli is freaked and will not shut up. This is when he starts to grate my nerves. TJ then makes an announcement to the entire ship that people return to their quarters until further notice, but she doesn’t mention the aliens. When TJ asks if Rush has any suggestions, he only says always think of the greater good. Hmmm… You can take that how you want to.

Meanwhile, a soldier is on his way to the Gate Room and he comes across the alien sand tornado. Instead of calling it in, he takes out his gun and shoots at it. The aliens attack and shred his body in several areas.


When Scott and Young send back a shipment of ice, Rush lets them know that another matter has come up, but that they got it in control. Then Eli jumps in and announces that it’s aliens and that they shredded the soldier, who is Corporal Gorman, and that he might not make it. This is enough to make Young want to return, but Rush assures Young that everything is all right despite Eli’s amplified panic inducing comments. When they cut communication, Rush tears into Eli’s ass about knowing when to keep quiet about things. Eli doesn’t get why Rush downplayed the scenario and Rush explains that they are on a time limit and every second counts and that they need the ice to replenish the water supply. When Eli doesn’t comprehend he tells him to stop acting like a child and to help him fix the problem.

Later, Greer, TJ, Eli, and Rush discuss plans to get rid of the threat and Greer is holding a makeshift flamethrower and I can’t help but notice the Alien references in this scene and from then on out. TJ orders Greer to go search for the creatures and to not provoke them. Eli comes up with a plan.

While searching for the creatures, the group discovers that they have reproduced and are growing in numbers. Greer comes to a spot that has a ladder that leads to a next level or air duct. I freak, because air ducts and flamethrowers did NOT work for Tom Skerritt and I pray that it does for Greer. TJ, meanwhile, concocts a plan.

When Scott and Young come across a problem, Young asks about the alien problem and TJ assures them that they are fine. After the comm is cut off, Eli immediately voices that everyone is lying, which Rush says that is what adults do. I cannot believe that I am agreeing with Rush so far on this matter. I am sure something is going to happen to make me hate him again in the next few minutes.

Greer finally corners the aliens in a room and he seals it off. Rush has the air turned off from that room and seals the vents. The aliens get agitated and eventually make their way out of the door hatch. Greer blows fire at them but it doesn’t work and he calls for TJ. When she gets there, she has a vat of water with her and orders for them to open the door so the aliens can enter the vat of water and then they can seal it. Greer says he will do it, but since he has already fired on the aliens, TJ orders him out of the room. She then tells Eli to map a clear path to the Gate Room and to seal off any other areas to that path. They open the door and the aliens go right for the water. They seal the vat and run it to the Gate Room.

One False Step

While the Destiny crew fights aliens, Col. Young and Lt. Scott brave the cold and the ice planet’s constant quakes, which make me think something lies beneath them and will rear it’s ugly head soon. Since the planet is not supportive of human life forms, Young and Scott don space suits found on the Destiny and they have less air supply than the gate time, which means that they have a small window of opportunity. While not finding viable ice that doesn’t have any toxins in it near the stargate, the duo makes their way to a frozen lake where they discover a frozen waterfall that has the ice they need. Using their guns, a mini laser, and a makeshift Kino raft (Eli’s invention), the two cut down massive blocks of ice and sends it in. While working on their second load, Scott’s weight cracks the ice and he falls through and gets stuck. The fall below him is deep and the position he is not stable. Col. Young sends down a rope and tries to pull up Scott, but the weight is too much on his injured leg. Scott tell Young to leave him, but Young refuses and gets in Rush’s ass for even suggesting to leave Scott behind for the sake of the ice and Young’s safety, but mostly for the ice. See I told you Rush was going to be back on my ‘ish’list by the end of the hour. But Scott agrees that Young can’t pull him up on that bum leg by himself. Young feels that Rush is only worried about that ice and nothing else.

Back on the ship, Lt. Vanessa James (Scott’s old FWB) informs Chloe of Scott’s predicament since she caught Scott and Chloe going at it like two dogs in heat to the point that Scott ignored Young’s call again. Is Scott a playa? And a wannabe one at that? Wonder who the next girl will be, because I see a pattern and patterns aren’t good for anyone in that department. Anyway, Lt. James told Chloe, because she thought that Chloe should know. When Chloe gets to the Gate Room, she blasts Dr, Rush for even suggesting leaving Scott behind.

To add to the problems, Scott’s suit is punctured and his air is seeping out and the planet’s air is seeping in, plus the planet is continually quaking. While making a second attempt at pulling Scott out, Young collapses. Scott wants Young to go and Young is all I am not leaving you behind. Scott makes it known that Young has been willing to kill himself three times already and that this time Scott might not be there to stop him. Young denies this, but I kind of agree with Scott on this one. It isn’t long before Scott passes out and the planet shifts again and this time it loosens the crevice and Scott’s free to be pulled up. But Young needs Scott to climb while he pulls, so he screams for Scott to wake up. He places Scott on the Kino raft along with the equipment and some ice and pushes it back to the gate.

Conclusion: A Brave New World

As Young pushes the Kino raft to the gate, TJ is about to toss the vat out onto the ice world. When the vat lands, the aliens burst out and they escape, but not before noticing Scott. They form a replica of his face before leaving to wreck havoc on the ice world. Once they make it back to the Destiny, TJ gets Scott and takes him off while Chloe holds his hand. Boo. Young gives the ‘A Lot Of Work’Eye to Rush, who sits back as if nothing bad happened. Mmhm..

Later, Young reprimands Spencer and tells him that he will kick Spencer’s ass himself if the pill-popping idiot got out of line again. Despite, Spencer saying he understands, Greer doesn’t think he does. Like I said: I smell a coup coming soon…

Young enters the hallway and Franklin, Park, and another scientist all got complaints: Franklin’s about Greer and Park’s about new rations rules, which I think the latter is the most important. But every complaint is nothing but an incessant drone since he has other matters at hand.

Through the Kino, Young reports on Corp. Gorman’s death and the funeral arrangements being at hand.

The End.

Kino Vision

– We learn about Franklin’s distrust of the military members of the ship. He is half right, but it’s not the entire military he has to worry about. Just Spencer. Who here thinks that Spencer and Franklin might hook up later and run the coup that is bound to happen?

– Col. Young reports that Corp. Gorman’s death occurred at 0300 hours (3:00 AM?) and that funeral services would be at 1600 hours (4:00 PM?).


– Eli seriously worked my nerves last night even if he did come up with several ideas last night. He was like a kid screaming for his dad and the more he whined the more I wanted someone to smack the taste out of his mouth.

– In my opinion, Rush was right about what he said to Eli, but I am a bit torn about the dilemma involving Lt. Scott. While I would have tried to find someway possible for me to get that ice and Scott back to the ship, I think first priority was the ice; maybe send back the second load and then have someone strong enough to come back with a full tank and pull out Scott. I know my plan isn’t all that hot, but come on!

– Speaking of Scott, I hated how he treated Vanessa when she walked in on him and Chloe. He was just with Vanessa on the Icarus Base in a broom closet and now he’s with Chloe at the drop of a hat? I don’t know about his good boy exterior, because I smell a front in that department.

– Loved how they brought the storm tornado back as an alien. When I saw the thing float behind Eli, I was like ‘AH!’and I love those moments, because you least expect them.

So what about you all? I seriously can’t wait after I post the SGU recaps, because you guys rock in your comments, no matter if you like the show or not, because it gives my writing meaning and you guys only fuel my passion to write even more. So God Bless You All and let the debates begin! :D

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