Previously On… ‘Stargate Universe’

Previously On… ‘Stargate Universe’

Stargate Universe Season Two Premiere September 28th @9/8c on SyFy

At the end of the inaugural season of Stargate Universe, the stakes were raised when the Lucian Alliance bombarded the Destiny, taking most of the crew hostage and leaving others to fend for themselves against a malfunctioning ship. Unlike it’s predecessors, SGU was not only controversial in its premise, but in some of the behind the scenes drama as well. Spectators were worried that accusations of misogynic attitudes and ignorance from the writers would plague the new series, but SGU proved to defy the odds, making itself appointment sci-fi TV on Friday nights.

Now, SGU faces a new challenge, which is a new night in the middle of the week. Can it hold up? We here at TVOvermind thinks it will excel.

What You Should Know

Live Together, or Die Alone… – The LOST mantra applies here on the desolate ship that is the Destiny, a exploration/Stargate seeding ship that was left behind by the Ancients after their ascension. The civilians and military personnel of the Icarus Base project (formed to discover the purpose of the ninth chevron on the Stargate) are transported there after an attack by the Lucian Alliance forces the crew to dial the gate and escape death. However, this move transports them billions of light years from home. With emotions high and personal agendas clashing, the new crew of the Destiny had their highs and lows, but finally coming to an understanding that to survive they must become a unified civilization or else…

Alien Encounters – The Destiny is attacked by an alien race who has been following them since their arrival on the Destiny. Chloe was kidnapped during the attack and later rescued by Dr. Rush, who was picked up by the aliens after Col. Young left him on a planet. These two are still fearing the return of the aliens, but keep said fears to themselves, which is not good.

Pitter Patter of Drama – Colonel Everett Young finds out that he has a baby on the way with SGC medic Lt. Tamara ‘TJ’ Johansen, who finally accepted that she must raise the child on the ship, something that she really didn’t want to do. The love triangle that is Eli-Chloe-Lt. Scott was at a stand still… to an extent. Tensions are still a little fresh aboard the ship due to a coup formed by Camile Wray and Dr. Nicholas Rush. But all this and more is about to change due to…

The Incursion – After finding out that Colonel David Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) was a Lucian Alliance spy, the crew of the Destiny was invaded by the LA, who were gung-ho on taking the ship as their own and dumping the crew of the Destiny on a planet somewhere. Several problems arose due to this, which included the ship being stuck in dead space and being blasted by radiation rays every so often, which was damaging the ship’s shields with each hit. Another problem included a power struggle between the two factions that left several Destiny crew members dead. In the end, Telford took on the Lucian Alliance leader Kiva and the two shot each other, their fates unknown; Tamara was shot in a shoot out, her baby’s life in danger; Lt. Scott and Sgt. Greer were left outside the ship while another radiation blast is about to happen; and with Kiva’s life in peril, her second in command forces all military personnel of the Destiny into a room to be executed. Cliffhangers abound…

Previously On… ‘Stargate Universe’What You Need To Look For

With the Destiny now infiltrated with Lucian Alliance members, will we see a merged crew ala Star Trek: Voyager? Or will someone finally get the upper hand and leave someone on a rock somewhere? Also, will TJ’s baby survive?


The Incursion Doesn’t End Swiftly or Perfectly – When we return, the incursion will still be underway and will will be introduced to new Lucian Alliance members played by Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Heroes) and Julie McNiven (Mad Men) as the power struggle continues. With Kiva down, a new leader will arise in the Alliance, but he might alienate his own men in his quest for dominance.

The Bridge Discovered – The good news: The illusive bridge of the Destiny is finally discovered by Dr. Rush in a later episode. The bad news: he decides to keep this news to himself for a long time. Prognosis: Col. Young is going to be pissed…

Ch-Ch-Changes – The crew of the Destiny faces the loss of a member, while Chloe starts to exhibit some crazy changes, which could or could not be connected to the aliens that kidnapped her last year. Plus, the overall mission statement gets a redo. As the promos say, “it’s not about getting home, it’s about going further…” Uh-oh…

Guest Stars Abound – The second season of SGU will see guest stars from past Stargate shows as well as newcomers to the franchise. For a full list of who’s coming, check here.

New Time, Same ChannelStargate Universe has moved to Tuesday nights from it’s old Friday timeslot. I suggest you travel with it and don’t miss a second of what is sure to be an explosive ride this year!

Stargate Universe Season Two Premiere September 28th @9/8c on SyFy

For more SGU news, check out our recap of last season’s finale.

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