Star Trek: The Next Generation Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Star Trek: The Next Generation Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

So finally, FINALLY, Star Trek the Next Generation has gotten the Honest Trailer treatment. Forgive me, but I need to stop laughing before I keep typing otherwise there might be a slew of typos coming.   Ahhh. There we go. Anyway, you just knew that Honest Trailers would eventually get to this one. They’ve been riding hard on pop culture for a while now and I know that eventually they’ll get to Star Wars if they haven’t already, but this is just too rich when you really look at it. If you’ve got a good sense of humor then you should be able to laugh your butt off for a while about it. Otherwise Trekkies you might want to turn away now.

So I would like to start with the obvious. Aren’t Klingons supposed to be among the toughest beings in the galaxy? And isn’t Worf a stronger warrior than he appears to be in the show?  From the clips it looks like he gets beaten up half of the time, while in the movie he appears to be the kind of guy that could grab your legs and make a wish before ripping a person apart.

Then there’s Data, who can’t let a moment go by without reminding people that he’s an android. Yeah, the freaky eyes, yellowish skin, and hair that never gets mussed up wouldn’t be a sure sign of this I guess. Then again it is Star Trek so I suppose it should be noted that he’s an android and not an exotic new type of alien. But ever since he was given the ability to feel emotions he’s only gotten creepier it seems, especially since a robot that can turn it off and on at command is seemingly less than trustworthy.

And let’s not forget Deeana Troi, the empath that can tell when someone’s lying, until she can’t. So really, it seems like all you need around this woman is the ability to hide your feelings or emotions and her supposed ability takes a complete left turn since she can’t divine what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling. So, um, why is an empath a good thing to have on board again? As much good as she’s done she really isn’t the most helpful person on the crew.

Then there’s Wesley Crusher, the son of Dr. Crusher and an all-around genius. He’s also an all-around pain in the neck since he doesn’t shut up and seems to think that his opinion is worth solid gold every time he speaks. As a part of the crew, yeah, a KID is part of the crew, he’s perhaps one of the least effective and most naive individuals aboard the ship. But he’s the doctor’s son so let’s just let it slide, right?

Overall, Star Trek is an entertaining and highly important show in pop culture since it shows us what the future could be if we just managed to see beyond race and culture. The Utopian society that they exhibit might be so much nicer than what we have now, until we discover aliens and the whole mess starts over again.


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