Twisted Metal Season 1 Recap: Here’s What You Need to Remember

Twisted Metal Season 1 Recap: Here’s What You Need to Remember

With the success of Twisted Metal season 1, a recap is a great way to relive the action of the amazing post-apocalyptic TV series. Based on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s vehicular combat video game, Twisted Metal season 1 is currently one of the top-rated series adapted from a video game, although with a few significant character changes. Unsurprisingly, it has enjoyed rave reviews from critics and audiences.

The 10-episode season 1 was a prelude to the tournament for which the video game is known. Its story revolves around its protagonist, John Doe, a Milkman in a post-apocalyptic world. Tasked to deliver a mysterious package, John Doe confronts ruthless marauders to reach his destination. Here’s an in-depth Twisted Metal season 1 recap and everything you probably missed or forgot.

Editor’s Note: The article below contains spoilers for Twisted Metal Season 1

John Doe Meets Raven

John Doe (Anthony Mackie) is introduced as a Milkman transporting goods between the new walled cities. When he arrives in New San Francisco, its Chief Operations Officer, Raven (Neve Campbell), offers him citizenship to retrieve and deliver a package from New Chicago. Although she initially pretends to have a husband and child, it is later revealed it was all a lie to convince John Doe to accept the job – a foreshadowing of Raven’s deception.

Loud Sacrificed Himself To Save Quiet

Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz) and her brother, Loud (Richard Cabral), are also introduced in episode 1 (“WLUDRV”). They’re apprehended by Agent Stone (Thomas Haden Church), who forces one of them to kill each other. Loud chose to save Quiet by killing himself. Agent Stone brands her and leaves her a bullet as a reminder of her brother. Unsurprisingly, Quiet harbored hatred for Stone, seeking revenge. It is one of the highlights of Twisted Metal season 1 as it lays the foundation for Agent Stone’s story by the end of the season.

Sweet Tooth Entertains John Doe and Quiet

Quiet and John Doe’s stand-off is interrupted when they see Sweet Tooth (Joe Seanoa, voiced by Will Arnett) approaching. Although Sweet Tooth is introduced as a psychopathic clown (which he is), he’s only interested in having John Doe see and review his show. Although John tries to compliment Sweet Tooth for his performance, a visibly upset Sweet Tooth is comforted when Quiet gives an honest, candid review. Sweet Tooth lets them go but also decides to burn his home to never return.

Stu Helps John Doe And Quiet

Stu (Mike Mitchell) is introduced in episode 2 (“3RNCRCS”) when Agent Stone rescues him and Mike (Tahj Vaughans) from the cannibals. Although Stone recruits Mike and Stu into his police squad, it’s evident Stu cannot stomach the atrocities of the squad. When Stone captures John Doe and Quiet, Stu helps them escape but is left behind and captured by Mike.

John Doe and Quiet Meet Other Twisted Metal Characters

In episode 4 (“WHZDARE”), new characters were introduced. A quick Twisted Metal season 1 recap highlights Miranda Watts, Granny, and Watts’ ex-lover, Amber. John Doe and Quiet are captured by Watts, who requests they go pick a flower from his ex for Granny. In the same episode, John and Quiet are pursued by religious fanatics (Holy Men), whose leader would later be revealed to be Preacher (Jason Mantzoukas) in episode 8 (“EV3L1N”). Joe Doe reaches New Chicago in episode 7 (“NUTH0UZ”), where he meets Calypso and is given the package. John also encounters his ex-lover, Mary, who rats out to other Milkmen about the package John is carrying and its significance.

John Doe’s Flashback And New Car

Episodes 8 & 9 of Twisted Metal season 1 gave audiences a better understanding of John Doe’s early years, as well as his new car, Roadkill. Episode 8 begins with a flashback to when John Doe had a car accident. He was in a bad car accident that made him lose his memory and develop amnesia. While trying to survive, he found and bonded with his car, Ev3lyn. In the present, a group of Holy Men kidnaps Ev3lyn and takes the car to their camp. Although John tried to fight their leader, Preacher, for the car, he lost the fight. By the end of episode 8, Preacher shoots Ev3lyn’s gas tank, which later causes the car to explode. John escapes the Holy Men camps and is rescued by Watts’ convoy. John and Quiet find a new car to fight off Agent Stone. Later, they named the new car Roadkill.

Agent Stone Suicide And Sweet Tooth’s Death

Thanks to Sweet Tooth, John Doe, Quiet, and Watts had an advantage against Agent Stone. Just when Stone wants to kill Quiet, John finally gets his throw right and hits Stone in the face. Rather than kill him, Quiet gives him a gun with a bullet to kill himself. Although it showed Stone put the gun close to his head, there’s no confirmation he died. Since Mary survived the stab to make it into the tournament, character resurrections are possible in Twisted Metal season 2. At the end of the episode, Sweet Tooth appears killed.

John Doe And Quiet Return To New San Francisco

John Doe and Quiet in Twisted Metal TV series

After a long, tumultuous journey, John Doe and Quiet arrive at the gates of New San Francisco. However, Raven denies Quiet entry. Quiet shoots John to force him into the city alone and turns down Raven’s offer to be a Milkman. It’s revealed the package from Calypso was an ice cream and was done to test if John Doe was the right driver to represent Raven at the tournament.

Raven Reveals Her True Intentions To John Doe

John Doe in Twisted Metal season finale

After a month of living in New San Francisco, John Doe is bored and misses Quiet. He soon realizes everyone in the town is too nice to him. Apparently, Raven had instructed them to make John’s stay in the city extra comfortable. When John insists he still wants to leave, Raven shows him his childhood home, triggering John to remember. However, when Joe still insists on leaving the city, Raven is forced to reveal why she chose to give him citizenship. He would represent her at the tournament and proceeds to hold John captive.

Dollface And Sweet Tooth Make An Appearance

As Quiet drives outside the city, she is stopped by a team of masked women. The leader Introduced herself as John Doe’s sister. By the mask the character is wearing, she’s Dollface from the Twisted Metal video game. While Mike and Stu relax on a beach with their sex dolls, Sweet Tooth, who was thought to be dead, reappears. Sweet Tooth kills Mike and drags Stu away. If you loved Twisted Metal season 1 recap, read 5 Reasons Why Actors Left Days of Our Lives Recap.

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