A First Look at HBO Max’s Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Animated Series

Things are looking up for Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, since as of now we’re being given a little more information to go on and it sounds enticing since it’s not picking up where the second movie, hold your boo’s, left off. Thankfully we’re going back six decades to Shanghai and the Chinese countryside. Young Wing, the old man from the movies, is only ten years of age in this prequel series and will be serving as a kind of protector to Gizmo, who will share in a few adventures it sounds like. So we’ll be getting to see the Mogwai in action yet again, and from what it sounds like, we’ll also be seeing evil Mogwai as well. One has to wonder about this though since the idea of evil Mogwai wanting to become Gremlins makes it kind of hard to think of how any evil Mogwai would last that long before transforming. Is anyone thinking that the good Mogwai would have a way of keeping their evil members in check? So far we haven’t been given a whole lot about the prequel series, other than the fact that it will be going back a ways and be set in the 1920s when people were still fairly superstitious and more prone to believing in such things as Mogwai and Gremlins. For all the Peltzer’s knew when they first welcomed Gizmo into their home, he might as well have been a new breed of hamster or guinea pig. That’s ironic to think of since one of the evil Mogwai was used in such a manner in the original movie.

Where the story is going to go is of great interest to some people, while stating that it’s going to be told from a past perspective is probably enough for some folks. The main point of the story for a lot of people is finding out where the Mogwai come from and why they are the way they are, with the rules about not getting wet, not eating after midnight, and so on so forth. There’s also the idea of what might happen to a Mogwai that’s not evil if they eat after midnight. Would they still become Gremlins? Or would something else happen? Plus, what’s the extent of the rule about eating? Does it have to be digested by midnight, or does it simply count if food passes a Mogwai’s lips before midnight? This one rule is kind of arbitrary even if it’s as simple as it gets. But it’s a hope that we’ll get to find out more about this and other things when the animated series comes along since thanks to animation there’s a lot more that can be done without imposing too many limits on a live-action setting. It’s true that CGI could be just as good, but at the same time, it feels more likely that animation might help to tell the story a little better and appeal to people on a different level.

This also begs the question of just how old Gizmo is and how old Mogwai and Gremlins can live to be. Gremlins might have a slightly lesser life expectancy simply due to their inability to stay out of trouble and get into the business of other individuals that might be a little more predisposed to get rid of them, but it does feel that if Mogwai can live for that long, then maybe a Gremlin can as well. Perhaps there have been packs of Gremlins that have existed for decades and have been slowly dying out. One might think that the old man in the movie would have kept Gizmo somewhere else so that he wouldn’t be noticed by any curious passerby, even if it meant keeping him in a location that didn’t allow Gizmo to interact with the old man or the boy in the first movie. But that’s all stuff for later discussion since the upcoming series is going to be kind of exciting to think about since one has to think that it will eventually show Mr. Wing as he travels to America at one point. That’s a big hope at least since it would add to the story after the series went on for a while. There are likely plenty of stories that Wing and Gizmo can get into and share together since in the movie it does feel that they’re pretty chummy. But while a Mogwai might measure their lifespans by centuries, maybe, it was evident that at some point his human buddy would pass away, as he did in the second movie. Seeing how Gizmo and Wing’s story began will be a lot of fun no doubt since learning more about the Mogwai is bound to be more than a little crazy. There’s no word on when the series will come out yet, but it’s likely that we’ll learn more eventually.

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