South Park Prank Turns Colorado Man’s Life into Living Hell

South Park

At this point I’m not certain what’s more appalling, the grammar of Jess Joho from Mashable or the idea that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still able to get away with some of the material they continue to put out. The latter is usually easier to let go of since it’s all in good fun and most of the time it’s a joke that doesn’t really hurt anyone unless their feelings get a bit bruised. But this time around a Colorado native was the recipient of what sounds like 200+ prank calls in a matter of days, which is hard to feel too bad about since it’s fairly easy to hang up the phone and go about your business, but when it keeps ringing and people act like children then yeah, it can become a bit aggravating. Making his life a ‘living hell’ sounds a bit extreme but in the current era it doesn’t take much to upset some folks and a continually ringing phone is a bit annoying but not such a big deal that it can ruin a person’s life for any period of time. There is such a process as changing your phone number after all, unless of course it’s a work number, as it was, which might be a little more difficult.

It’s very easy to say ‘that’s so South Park’ since throughout the years they’ve trashed just about everyone they can in ways that many might think are entirely illegal and possibly harmful to the reputation of those they’re making fun of. Chris Edwards of The Guardian has more to say on this matter. But the truth is that much of what Parker and Stone have done throughout the year has been entirely protected since they’re voicing opinions and creating something that people actually like, so it’s all but impossible to really vilify them when their fans outnumber the haters. It’s definitely regrettable that someone’s work number was being blown up by prank calls so often but it’s not the end of the world and it’s not likely to be a huge deal that people will remember a week from now. In fact it’s a little difficult to stay on topic in this article largely because it’s the kind of thing that you might expect from South Park given what it’s all about and how long it’s been running in this same manner. It’s a show that’s designed to make fun of others and comment on society in various ways that some folks might not like, and the unfortunate part here is that people still manage to foul up phone numbers and get the wrong person on the end of the line from time to time. The individual affected by this gag had this to say:

“Over the past two days, I have gotten 200+ phone calls and people leaving me random messages,” the post reads. “We just figured out the connection today when one of the guys that called actually engaged in conversation instead of giggling like a teenage girl and hanging up.”

It’s annoying as hell to get prank calls without any doubt, and it’s not something you’d expect a TV show to promote in this type of way. But the mix-up in the number was something that seems fairly innocent even though the apology by South Park didn’t seem all that genuine. Did anyone expect it to be though? Parker and Stone have been quite candid about how they do things and don’t often seem to have a fresh apology loaded up and ready to go without a heaping helping of sarcasm to go with it just so that the recipient can understand where they can take their apology and what they can do with it once they arrive. That’s how the show is, that’s how the creators are, and while no one’s saying that it’s one hundred percent right, there’s not a lot that’s going to change it until the creators are given no choice because of a dwindling fan base. And really, if a person is waiting on that then they might as well try having a downhill snowball race through hell.

It’s really no solace to the poor individual whose life was disrupted by this to get an apology or even a ‘hey, stuff happens’ as all he can really do is shrug and move on with life. South Park isn’t bound to change unless they cross a line that a lot of people would agree is just too far, and so far they’ve definitely skirted it but haven’t set foot over it in any decisive way. Those willing to gripe about the show and what it produces when it comes to society are bound to keep spinning their wheels since really there are just too many fans that will tell a person to grow up and move on. That’s kind of funny coming from South Park fans.

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