Sounds Like The Expendables Crew is Being Down-Sized

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Since it arrived in 2010, the main idea of The Expendables has been that it’s a who’s-who of action stars since some of the biggest names in action movies have been added to the movies. That isn’t about to change since Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa are headed to the next movie, along with 50 Cent and Megan Fox, who are still dubious as action stars but aren’t any better or worse than some of the names that have graced the roster. Hey, Kelsey Grammer was in the third movie, and he rocked his part, so it’s easy to think that it’s possible to see 50 Cent and Fox play their part. But it does sound as though the group is going to be divided in a big way since only Lundgren, Stallone, Statham, and Couture are going to stand in for the main group of Expendables, while the others will have apparently gone on to take contracts with other mercenary groups. Many are already surmising that Trench Mauser, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger, will have hired a few of them. Mauser’s friendly rivalry with Barney, aka Stallone, has been enjoyable to many fans since the first movie since it’s a way for the two aging actors to keep the feud that so many people felt was there since their earlier days.

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It doesn’t sound like Barney will make it to The Expendables 5 if it happens

The fourth movie sounds like it could be Stallone’s last, even if it is a rumor at this time. He’s done enough as of now when it comes to this franchise, though, to believe that he might get a great sendoff since he is the guy that kept the group together for a long time in the movies, even if the group didn’t always agree with him. Barney is the type of leader that doesn’t wear the mantle that well, but it does appear this is due to the idea that he doesn’t always want the responsibility, even though he’ll rise to the challenge and do the best he can. That type of leader who sacrifices and seeks to bring everyone home from a mission is often the best since even if people don’t agree with him, it’s easy to say that he’s doing the best he can to make everything work the way it should.

One can easily guess that there are bound to be plenty of cameos in this movie

There’s no doubt that there are going to be at least a few cameos in this movie, but who is going to show up is anyone’s guess since there have been a few individuals that have made their way into the movies, such as Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, and a couple of others. What many people need to understand is that most of these action stars from the 80s and 90s are getting old, and it’s about time to hang up their boots and call it a day, even if they don’t feel like sitting back in the rocker and remembering the good old days just yet. It’s enough to think that the core group of the Expendables, minus a couple of key members, will be returning, but it’s easy to think that plenty of people would be interested in coming and going as the movie allows. If nothing else, it keeps the movie lively since it allows for a bit of variety.

The Expendables

credit: The Expendables

Seriously, how cool would it be for Ronda Rousey to cameo and get in Megan Fox’s face?

A lot of people have been down on Rousey for a while, and despite her time in the UFC ending and her time in the WWE being kind of a joke, she’s still fun to watch since she can bring plenty of fighting skill to an action scene. Megan Fox is someone that isn’t exactly proven in an action movie, so it’s bound to be interesting to see what she’ll bring unless she’s Barney’s daughter and wants to take after her old man or something along those lines. But seeing Rousey and Fox square off would be fun simply because one would no doubt expect Rousey to mop the floor with Fox unless the latter portrayed a character who knew how to counter such a fighter.

The reason why the other guys left feels obvious

Yang, aka Jet Li, gave the perfect reason why anyone would leave Barney’s side, and it has to do with the basics of being a mercenary; they wanted to get paid. It could be that Trench paid more, or it could be that they grew tired of Barney’s leadership. Whatever the case, it’s fair to say that Barney isn’t going to have as many individuals to call upon in this next movie since most of his buddies have moved on and are serving other purposes.

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