The Five Best Chuck Norris Movies of His Career

The Five Best Chuck Norris Movies of His Career

The Five Best Chuck Norris Movies of His Career

Likely you’ve heard a lot of fun and engaging stories about Chuck Norris that paint him as the overall penultimate tough guy that was born that way and has remained tough his entire life. It might surprise a few people to know that he wasn’t all that tough as a kid and was in fact kind of an average nobody that didn’t really fit in and was kind of socially inept most of the time. But after he joined the Air Force as a young man he started up in martial arts and his life kind of turned around from that point on. He suffered his defeats now and again but each and every time he kept getting better until it came to the point that he hardly ever lost and soon became known as an unstoppable force, the same that most people nowadays would know him as since that’s been his on screen persona for so long.

Here are some of the best movies from his career.

5. The Expendables 2

Argue all you want on this one but I won’t budge since this clip not only shows that Norris is still awesome but it also makes reference to the Lone Wolf McQuade in a way since Lundgren actually mentions the moniker Lone Wolf. His name in the film is Booker and he claims to work alone, but he does come in to help Barney and his team out of a tough spot a couple of times throughout the last half of the film, showing that he’s still one of the baddest guys on the planet no matter that he’s now in his 70s. If you can still pull off the tough guy look and act at that age then you’ve earned it many times over.

4. The Delta Force

Being the kind of action hero he is Norris usually plays guys that don’t always follow the rules but get the job done all the same. As McCoy he becomes disillusioned with the hierarchy that makes the decisions on where the armed forces will go and when and resigns, only to be called back when they really need him. In true form he helps to take out the bad guys, save the innocents, and do it all in his signature style, which is to kill and kick the crap out of anyone that gets in his way and make a huge spectacle while doing it. At the end of the film everyone is safe and sound because it’s Chuck Norris of course.

3. Missing in Action

Braddock isn’t into leaving people behind and that’s what makes him so awesome. Well, that and the fact that he knows his way around a host of weapons and has the kind of battlefield techniques and methods that are essential for annihilating one’s enemy. Plus Chuck was just so intimidating during his initial run in the movies that trying to stand up to him was kind of like a child trying to tel an adult what they weren’t going to do something they’d been told to do. Chuck Norris is not the kind of guy, in the movies, that you said no to when he needed you to do something, the consequences were usually pretty dire.

2. Way of the Dragon

A lot of people have made a huge deal about the idea of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fighting in real life, but in truth these guys actually formed a friendship when they met and weren’t all that interested in really throwing down with each other. A friendly sparring match might have been interesting to see, but it would have been two very different styles and the winner would have been difficult to call quite honestly. In the movie the two were pretty evenly matched until Bruce really got going and seemed to figure Norris’ character out, thereby eliminating any and all advantages and taking the fight straight to him.

1. Lone Wolf McQuade

You don’t see Chuck Norris’ characters get hurt all that often, and you certainly don’t see them get beaten on a regular basis. But it does happen and usually when it does it means they’ve gone up against someone that’s just as skilled as they are or are even tougher, which is hard for a lot of people to imagine. But in this film J.J. McQuade is the kind of guy that likes to work alone, live alone, and just be alone most of the time. When he’s saddled with a couple of partners he doesn’t enjoy it at first but he does get used to it. Once he goes up against the main bad guy for the final time he stops wasting time and just frags him with a grenade. No one ever said Chuck had to fight fair after all, he just has to win.

Chuck Norris is still a legend to this day.

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