Why the Grandchildren of Elvis Presley Were Unable to Attend His 85th Birthday

Why the Grandchildren of Elvis Presley Were Unable to Attend His 85th Birthday
Why the Grandchildren of Elvis Presley Were Unable to Attend His 85th Birthday

Credit: @rileykeough

The world is more than a little familiar with the grandchildren of Elvis Presley. Though the iconic music legend never had a chance to meet even one of his grandchildren, they’ve grown up in the spotlight. Unfortunately, the spotlight for some of the grandchildren of Elvis Presley was too much to handle. His grandson was so overwhelmed with the comparisons and the idea that he had to be a particular person or reach a certain level of success that he fell into a deep depression and took his own life. It’s no way for a child to live to be constantly compared to someone they never met. The pressure is too much. However, the grandchildren of Elvis Presley, still living, could not attend the celebration of the birthday of their deceased grandfather.

What Happened on January 8, 2020?

What is the significance of this date? It’s the date that Elvis would have turned 85 had he lived long enough. He did not, of course. He did when his daughter was still a child. He did not get to see her grow up and never met his grandchildren. However, a significant celebration was scheduled for the star in his hometown. At Graceland, a massive celebration was planned and executed, but it was not all good news for the star’s family. The grandchildren of Elvis Presley were not allowed to attend the party, and it didn’t go over well for the family.

Why the Grandchildren of Elvis Presley Were Unable to Attend His 85th Birthday

Credit: @rileykeough

Were the Children Not Invited?

The entire family was invited. This includes the grandchildren of Elvis Presley. It was not that the grandkids were not invited. Lisa Marie’s oldest daughter and son were able to attend the Graceland event. It was only a few months before Benjamin Keough’s death, and he was there with his mom and sister. It was Elvis’ 11-year-old granddaughters who could not attend, and it all had to do with their father.

The fourth husband of Lisa Marie Presley is Michael Lockwood. During their marriage, Lisa Marie gave birth to twin girls. They were 11 at the time of their grandfather’s 85th birthday celebration, and they could have been at the party. However, things did not go well for her when their father refused to allow them to visit for the party.

Lisa Marie Filed an Emergency Court Order

The mother of the grandchildren of Elvis Presley was unhappy when her daughters, Harper and Finley, were not allowed to fly to Memphis to attend the celebration. She filed a court order in Los Angeles, but the court did not deem it an emergency. Instead, the court denied her request to have the girls when it was not her custodial timeframe, and it appears their father was unwilling to work with her to allow them to attend. Regardless of his reasoning, it’s a sad situation to know that two adults could not come up with an agreement to allow both parties to feel somewhat satisfied.

The Divorce is Finally Final

The thing about Lisa Marie and her ex-husband is that they could not finalize their divorce for some time. Their divorce was messy, and they separated in 2016. However, their divorce was not finalized until 2021. Why? We don’t know. We know that sources report that during a custody battle – still ongoing to our knowledge – this couple has not been in agreement over anything. It’s been said that the father has visitation three times a week with the girls but that their mother has custody otherwise. However, her taking them out of state for a birthday celebration is not something she can do without court approval and the approval of the girls’ father – which he blocked.

Why the Grandchildren of Elvis Presley Were Unable to Attend His 85th Birthday

Credit: @rileykeough

In fact, her ex even filed paperwork following the death of Benjamin Keough stating that he should have custody of his little girls since he worried his ex-wife might relapse into her former drug addiction to cope with her son’s death. However, Presley has made it very clear more than a few times that she is sober – and remains that way – because her kids keep her sober. “As I write this, I think of my four children, who gave me the purpose to heal. I’m grateful to be alive today…and to have four beautiful children who have given me a sense of purpose that has carried me through dark times,” she said of her sobriety, her addiction, and how she feels about her own life.

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