Hailee Steinfeld Should be Doing More Movies

Hailee Steinfeld Should be Doing More Movies

Sometimes it seems like a waste of talent to see any actor not keep moving forward with their desired act or simply fall out of the spotlight when they should be pursuing it with a vengeance since they’re just that good. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Hailee Steinfeld thank goodness since she does seem open to starring in more movies like she should. There is the idea that taking a break now and again for one’s mental and physical health is a good idea since it would save  person from burning out, but Hailee is not a person that should be bowing out at this point in her career, especially not now since she’s been featured in some of the most interesting movies as of late and one of those happens to be something that could help her career to blow up in the best way.

Her recent role in Bumblebee has proven to be not quite a breakout role since she’s already been around for a while, but has managed to get her more attention and made it further known that she is a true contender for one of the elite spots in Hollywood should she continue along this course to see where it might take her. Her roles in movies such as the remake of True Grit and Edge of Seventeen are just two more great examples of why she needs to remain involved with show business since she’s the kind of actress that isn’t really the ultimate in sex appeal but does have a great deal of charm and is quite attractive when you get down to it. But apart from that, she fills a role and makes it her own by becoming the person she’s playing. In Edge of Seventeen you could honestly believe that she was an angst-ridden teenager that was watching her life fall apart all around her. The movie was something that many high school students could have easily related to and many might have even been able to see themselves in her character since she was in some ways utterly hopeless but also had a great deal of promise when it came to her development.

As she’s still in her early 20s Hailee still has a lot of options left to her when it comes to a career, but acting is something she’s proven to be good at and as a result she should probably stay put. The type of attitude she brings to the screen is of the no-nonsense variety and more than that, she’s adaptable at this point and can become the kind of woman that’s entirely confident or the person that needs someone to show her how to believe in herself. That’s a fairly good range and so long as she keeps working on it as she continues to get older she should be able to perfect it after a while and bring whatever emotions she needs to a film. Watching her in True Grit it was kind of obvious that she knows very well how to act stiff and rather obstinate, but then watching her in Edge of Seventeen it was made clear that she can be every bit the uncertain individual that has no clue what she wants out of life.

For this reason and others she needs to stick around and make even more of her career than she already has. She’s expressed and interesting making a sequel to the Bumblebee movie, but that seems like it might be a dead-end road unless the movies were going to be rebooted with her character as a recurring figure. In fact some people might even agree that this would be preferred as it might take Michael Bay’s version and correct a few wrongs here and there that fans could point out. But at this point while it is a desire of hers it also doesn’t seem quite practical enough to say yes to, though there are so many other things she can do that will turn heads and make her stand out as one of the better up and coming actresses.

Whether she will stick around or not is the question since the fact of being so young and having so many options kind of leaves things open for her. Plus, if you look at it this way, movies aren’t exactly a full-time gig and do tend to come and go, whereas a TV show might be a little more stable if she found one that catered to what she wanted to do and could use her as a main or at least recurring character. Then there’s always the wide field of possibilities that might come along in the form of whatever else she might want to do. Let’s put it this way, she’s young, talented, and is not bound by anything. But let’s hope she keeps doing movies, since she can easily draw an audience.

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