Someone Watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on Netflix 365 Days in a Row

Someone Watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on Netflix 365 Days in a Row

Someone Watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on Netflix 365 Days in a Row

A Netflix subscriber watched Pirates of the Caribbean once a day for an entire year. I’m not sure if that’s impressive or obsessive or both. Even stranger is that this person was binge-watching Netflix from Antarctica, which says a couple of things. One is that by getting the signal that far away you can tell the reception is great, and two is that there must really be nothing to do there.   All I really know about Antarctica is that it’s cold, desolate, and doesn’t have an active night life, or daytime scene, or much of anything other than Port Lockroy, which is an old British research station that was renovated and turned into a museum. Maybe the caretaker or employee or whoever is taking some time away from dusting to watch their favorite movie.

I mean it would have to be their favorite movie to watch it every day for a year, right? I like the Pirates movies too but watching them every day like clockwork just isn’t on my To Do list. Eventually watching Jack Sparrow enough would likely make me start acting like him, particularly in a place where just taking a walk outside might prove a little too dangerous depending on the weather or the terrain. But hey, if that’s your thing then so be it, at least they picked a movie that’s entertaining.

Netflix has been experiencing some ups and downs this year but has at least managed to salvage and build upon their programming by bringing quality shows and movies to their roster so as to entice people to stay, come back, or sign up. When they first came out a lot of people didn’t really know what to think about them. Movies on demand wasn’t exactly a big idea at the time and it didn’t grab the attention as much as people might have thought. But then enough people tried it that it became a fad, then a trend, or however that works, and eventually folks started seeing the upside of it.

There are a few downsides as well, such as the fact that while Netflix shows a great deal of movies they do tend to rotate their roster from time to time and will nix some of the shows and movies from their active menu for a while. If this person managed to watch the Pirates movie for a solid year however it must mean that Netflix kept it on for quite a while or there was a some way that the person could get DVD delivery down in Antarctica. I think I’ll stick with the belief that the movie was kept on Netflix’s menu for a long time since that seems a lot more feasible.

Netflix has been impressive since its inception but it definitely still has its work cut out for it since services like Amazon Prime and Hulu are still coming out with programs and movies that are bound to offer up some stiff competition. So long as they keep on giving people what they really want however Netflix should still remain as one of the powerhouses when it comes to streaming TV.

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