Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “The School for Good and Evil”

Meet the Cast of Netflix’s “The School for Good and Evil”

One of the greatest mysteries in the world centers around the concept of good and evil. Are people innately good and become corrupted by evil? Or are we all created evil, find morality, and somehow are pulled toward good? Because there’s no doubt, we all have a dark side and a propensity for evil.

The School for Good and Evil is a film adapted from Soman Chainani’s book series of the same name. Since its release on October 19, 2022, there have been more negative reviews about its storyline and narrative. However, its cast performance has received positive reviews.

These are the cast of Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil.

Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso)


credit: The School for Good and Evil

Sophie has always been obsessed with fairytales and love. She’s considered a “Reader” because she spends quality time going to the library to read about love and fairy tales. Wishing to get out of her little village of Gavaldon, she writes a letter to The School for Good and Evil and places it in the wishing tree.

Things get complicated when she sees herself being dropped in The School for Evil. She battles her way to return to The School for Good but later discovers she was put exactly where she belongs.

Sophia Anne Caruso plays the character of Sophie of Gavaldon. Although Caruso has starred in Broadway and theater shows, this will be her acting debut in the film.

Agatha (Sofia Wylie)


credit: The School for Good and Evil

Sofia Wylie is not new to TV screens. She played Cory Bailey in the 2019 film Back of the Net and currently plays Gina Porter in Disney+ High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Wylie plays the protagonist Agatha.

Agatha is Sophie’s best friend and considers Sophie the only friend she has in the world. Ridiculed for being a witch, she accepts being known for evil. But, like Sophie, she’s surprised she gets dropped in The School for Good.

Her actions and love for her friend will evidently prove she was dropped in the right school. Until the very end, she stayed true as Sophie’s loving and loyal friend.

The School Master (Laurence Fishburne)

The School Master

credit: The School for Good and Evil

Laurence Fishburne may not be playing Morpheus, but he sure comes with the charisma of being the School Master. The School Master decides who gets dropped in The School for Good and Evil. He prides himself on never being wrong.

The film begins with the School Master dueling with his brother. Both brothers, Good and Evil, are in charge of the school. They ensure a continuous balance between good and evil in the world. During the duel, one of the brothers gets killed by the other, and the School Master goes on to ensure the continuity of the school.

Rafal/Rhian (Kit Young)


credit: The School for Good and Evil

Kit Young jumps off from playing Jesper Fahey in the 2021 Shadow and Bone to play Rafal/Rhian, the Evil brother. When they were much younger, Rhian represented all that was Evil in the world.

In trying to usurp all the powers in the world for himself, he tried to kill his brother. Rhian gets knocked off the cliff’s edge and falls to his death. Years later, he returns to The School for Good and Evil as Rafal.

In search of a student who he can join forces with to overthrow Good finally. Rafal believes Sophie has what it takes and continues to lure her into the dark path.

Prof. Clarissa Dovey (Kerry Washington)


credit: The School for Good and Evil

Prof. Clarissa Dovey is the Dean of the School for Good. Kerry Washington plays the character effortlessly. She ensures students are properly groomed to stay good. She’s very competitive and at loggerheads with her counterpart, the Dean of the School for Evil.

Lady Leonora Lesso (Charlize Theron)


credit: The School for Good and Evil

If we get past the ridiculous hairdo, Lady Leonora Lesso is the Dean of the School for Evil. The character is played by the delightful, super-talented Charlize Theron. After suffering defeat for 200 years, Lady Lesso just wants to win the school’s competition at any cost.

Prof. Emma Anemone (Michelle Yeoh)


credit: The School for Good and Evil

Michelle Yeoh plays Prof. Emma Anemone, the Beautification teacher in the School for Good. She was once the Magical History teacher before being assigned to teach Beautification. She rightly gave Agatha an F in Smiling class.

Tedros (Jamie Flatters)


credit: The School for Good and Evil

What’s a fairytale fantasy film without its Prince? Jamie Flatters plays Tedros, the son of King Arthur. Tedros is quite a pompous student in the School for Good, especially because he comes from a known lineage and is a good fighter. Add that to the fact that he wields the Excalibur and has the ladies drooling over him.

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