The Top Five Movies That Are Set Entirely in the Caribbean

The Top Five Movies That Are Set Entirely in the Caribbean

So just to be clear, not every movie on this list was filmed exclusively in the Caribbean, but the larger portions of them were. As a filming location it’s one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich places in the world really. It offers landscapes and scenery that is hard to match, and the legends that can be pulled from local history are simply astounding and can be used in various ways to make a truly blockbuster film experience. Filmmakers that desire to use the Caribbean as their backdrop are often quite ambitious, but a lot of them have at least gone to great lengths to do what they can to capture the overall magic of the place.

Here are a few films that feature the Caribbean atmosphere for the majority of their running time.

5. Captain Ron

A supposedly legendary captain for a rip roaring good time is what this adventure promises to be. Unfortunately it didn’t do too well in the box office when it came out and was relegated to obscurity not too long after. It’s actually a pretty decent movie filled with hilarious moments and the kind of character that seems like a cross between Dean Profitt and Snake Pliskin. If you get the reference then you are a product of the 80’s and 90’s.

4. Speed 2

After the bus escapade you would think that Annie gets to relax and enjoy life, right? Wrong. Trouble just seems follow this woman and more than that, it follows at maximum speed. This movie didn’t really do well in comparison to the first one and with Keanu Reeves it’s not too hard to guess why. While he didn’t add as much star power as one would think the film just didn’t have a well-developed plot and its characters were only slightly believable. You had to think that the studio execs were thinking that speed could be applied to any venue and be successful.

3. Cutthroat Island

Pirate movies are constant fun and when done right can be a real thrill ride to watch. Unfortunately if the acting isn’t up to par and the story is too generic they can suffer just like any other movie. Like the movies listed before this one, Cutthroat Island had a chance to be something, but after the critics were done everything just kind of went up in smoke.

2. Club Paradise

Admit, you didn’t even know Robin Williams had a movie like this. It was one of his earlier roles that likely didn’t get a lot of play simply because he wasn’t the well known legend that everyone loved at that point. Even if he did have a famous face at that point the film never really took off for a number of reasons. It’s acting for one, which wasn’t Williams’ problem since the man could overshadow anyone, and quite possibly the low budget for the film left it kind of floating in the middle of nowhere.

1. Pirates of The Caribbean: The Black Pearl

This seemed edgy for a Disney movie, but it worked. Captain Jack Sparrow was the obvious focal point of the entire film and Johnny Depp played the iconic role to a tee. As the series went along his role tended to become a little less impressive, but really, no one else could have done it any better.

Like I said, some of these films weren’t shot completely in the Caribbean or even in the same neighborhood, but the landscape used was definitely the right venue for each of them.


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