Skilyr Hicks Cause of Death

Skilyr Hicks

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Skilyr Hicks, like many young and talented artists, passed away too early, at the age of twenty-three in December 2021, as announced by the singer’s mother. While Skilyr may have only been twenty-three, the musician had her fair share of fame thanks to an appearance on the quickly filmed America’s Got Talent when she was only fourteen years old, which was certainly younger than most contestants that made a lasting impression on the judges, the audience, and those watching. Although not much was known about Skilyr Hicks outside of her appearance on America’s Got Talent, we went into as much detail as we could about the musician, her death, Skilyr Hicks’ cause of death, and more.

Skilyr Hicks

credit: @skilyrhicks

Skilyr Hicks on America’s Got Talent

Of course, before Skilyr Hicks could appear on America’s Got Talent, which could cost some money to try out for, the musician learned to play guitar, sing, and write songs as she performed original songs for the world-renowned talent competition. Skilyr Hicks made her first appearance on America’s Got Talent during Season 8 of the show. Although the actress didn’t win the respective season that she appeared in, she had a music career ahead of her to some extent, no matter what it seemed. However, post-America’s Got Talent, Skilyr Hicks didn’t spend much of her life focused on music. She only released one album throughout her career, and the artist seemed to retreat from the spotlight after appearing on America’s Got Talent.

Nevertheless, Skilyr Hicks unleashed her near full potential while on America’s Got Talent. Still, it wasn’t until her death and the news of Skilyr Hicks’ cause of death that some remembered that the talented, young musician existed, unfortunately. Throughout her career as a musician, outside of her album, Skilyr Hicks also covered songs from Bob Dylan and Christina Aguilera, which can be found on her YouTube.

Skilyr Hicks street perform

credit: @skilyrhicks

Skilyr Hicks Personal Issues

Skilyr Hicks may have seemed to have a whole career ahead of her, regardless of her America’s Got Talent outcome. Still, news of her issues at home and surrounding her at-home life when she was off the show put a negative spotlight on the beloved musician. Such issues include the artist getting arrested for underage drinking, domestic family issues, and, unfortunately, years before the death and announced cause of death of Skilyr Hicks. Beyond issues that caused the musician’s arrest, mental health issues have also plagued the musician, as noted from the various times that the musician was reported missing after not being where she was said to be. While the musician had several run-ins with the law, known mental health issues, and negative experiences with family, including the loss of her father at an early age, no one was prepared for the news of the death of Skilyr Hicks or the cause of death. Additionally, while Skilyr Hicks may have had on and off battles with depression, which she used alcohol to cope with, the apparent loss of her boyfriend months before her death showed that depression may have taken over more than anyone could have expected, on top of other issues the artist had with herself and family. As saddening as the events leading to, including, and following the death of Skilyr Hicks have been beyond sad, it showed that depression should never be taken lightly or ignored by the depressed or those involved with the life of the depressed.

Skilyr Hicks Death and Cause of Death

As stated above, Skilyr Hicks passed away in 2021, at the age of twenty-three, nearly ten years after her initial appearance and performance on America’s Got Talent. While it was reported that Skilyr Hicks had passed away at a friend’s house on December 6th, 2021, it wasn’t of the musician’s death until a few days later, on December 8th, 2021. Although the cause of death wasn’t confirmed then, and still hasn’t been confirmed, not publicly at least, that Skilyr Hicks’ cause of death was related to an overdose of some kind. While fans may want to know exactly what happened to someone that has passed away, especially a celebrity of any caliber, it hasn’t been uncommon for a celebrity’s family to keep the details of the death, such as the cause of death, non-public knowledge. Overall, while the cause of death for Skilyr Hicks wasn’t explicitly detailed that an overdose was the cause, it was reported by USA Today that officers arrived on the scene, the house of a friend of Skilyr Hicks, to handle a “possible overdose,” which was ultimately to be determined by a toxicology report, but no such results were even made public knowledge.

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