The Top Uses of Neil Diamond Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Neil Diamond Songs in Movies or TV

Neil Diamond was the kind of kid that got inspired by seeing other people doing their thing and then took off with his own idea of becoming a singer. Lo and behold he became one of the most popular singers in the world and one of the most well-known, accumulating fans worldwide and earning acclaim and awards that were rightfully bestowed upon him in accordance with his talent and drive to become one of the best. Now you might not be a Neil Diamond fan but it should be easy enough to give credit where it’s due since he’s shown throughout his career that he has the ambition and the talent to be among the best in the world when it comes to his music and to be dedicated to his fans when it comes to delivering what they want to hear. That’s the kind of performer that you can look up to and idolize from just about any standpoint.

Here are some the best examples of his music in TV and movies.

5. Pulp Fiction – Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon

Give it to Tarantino, he’s got some great taste in music when it comes to his movies, and the fact that it’s on a reel to reel device is even better since it gives a true feeling of nostalgia to the movie. Granted it’s the remake by Urge Overkill, still, come on, it’s Neil Diamond. But in the next moment you get to watch Mia overdose moments before Vincent can find her and rush her to his dealer. This is a good example of how something so entertaining can turn into something so horrific when Tarantino is at the helm. The guy is kind of hard to get along with when it comes to some folks but his style and his ability to make a movie and integrate so many different elements is uncanny.

4. Mr. Robot – If You Go Away

Despite being fiction Mr. Robot almost seems like a call to arms for those that really want to see the world go down the back alleys of anarchy towards something that many people won’t understand or even recognize when it comes to the world they know. The series has been immensely popular and it’s also been kind of a wakeup call to those that might have thought that Christian Slater was all washed up. In truth the guy isn’t quite as popular as he used to be but he’s still managed to keep his career firmly established and he’s been on the rise for a while. The show has been a big way for him to stay in the public eye and it’s worked.

3. Glee – Sweet Caroline

As great as this song is and as much respect is paid to it in this clip this is one track that always seems to be sung by a lot of folks in the biggest, most annoying voice possible when it comes to the chorus. For such a great song it generally seems to be one of the favorites of karaoke bars since it can be sung when you’re drunk and just ready to wail on the mic. Other than that however it’s great because the range is manageable for many people and is a lot of fun to belt out providing that you can actually sing a note or two and want to have some fun with it. Among many songs this is one that’s just a joy to hear other people sing, if they have a decent voice.

2. Scrubs – Delirious Love

Scrubs was one of the better medical procedural shows around despite the fact that it was mostly comedy and some drama. For a long while it was considered to be a favorite and it seems that a lot of people would still agree that it holds a special place in their hearts. But of course the day had to come when the show would finally say goodbye and would no longer be a part of the lineup. Those that had an issue with it are usually those that don’t enjoy hilarity in a setting that’s supposed to be serious, but quite honestly if you can’t find time to laugh in a hospital then it just seems unbearably dreary.

1. Saving Silverman – Holly Holy

Like too many of Jason Biggs’ appearances this film seems to have slipped from memory, but the funny thing about that is that despite being one of the odd comedies out there it was pretty good. How often did you get to see Ermy affect a softer, more sensitive side after all? He played so many hardened characters throughout his years that seeing him lighten up a bit was kind of hilarious and even touching. But the whole premise of the movie was great since in attempting to get their friend away from a woman they thought was no good for him the two screw-ups that instigated the whole mess wound up finding love as well.

Neil Diamond is just one of those classic musicians that seems to find his way into your life whether you like him or not.Scrubs

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