Six Degrees of the Bob’s Burgers Cast

Six Degrees of the Bob’s Burgers Cast


Like most animated shows, the Bob’s Burgers cast reads like an all-star list from other tv shows or well-known comedy troupes. Whether it’s starring cast, recurring regular, or one-time guest star, there are plenty of cast reunions taking place on the best show on TV about a restaurant – here are but a few of the crossovers we uncovered.

Parks and Recreation – Aziz Ansari (Darryl), Ben Schwartz (Josh), Megan Mullaly (Gayle), H. Jon Benjamin (Bob, various)

If you’re doubting the influence of Parks and Recreation on American culture, look no further than the Bob’s Burgers cast (and Guardians of the Galaxy, of course – Chris Pratt’s life will never be the same), which has employed a number of Parks and Rec alums for recurring roles on FOX’s best animated show – or in H. Jon Benjamin’s case, the starring role on the show.

Mr. Show with Bob and David – Sarah Silverman (Ollie Pesto), Brian Posehn (Choo-Choo), Jay Johnston (Jimmy Pesto Sr.), Paul F. Tompkins (Randy), Jerry Minor (Officer Julia)

Many people have forgotten about HBO’s seminal sketch comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David, though it marked the acting debuts of many popular contemporary comedians. In addition to those listed above, Mr. Show brought Jack Black, Tom Kenny, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Scott Aukerman, and Dino Stamatopoulos into American homes for the first time, a definitive moment when alternative comedy began to permeate the main stream. Since then, these comedians, writers, and actors, have teamed up on countless amounts of television and film projects – but it all began on Mr. Show, led by the timeless David Cross and Bob Odenkirk.

Flight of the Conchords – Eugene Mirman (Gene), Kristen Schaal (Louise)

One of the greatest musical shows ever to grace television sets, Flight of the Conchords is a beloved HBO cult show about a New Zealand duo trying to make it big as a rock band in New York. Named after the titular duo (the comedy-pop/rap/techno duo Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement), Flight of the Conchords was an absurdist comedy drenched in the ugliest, most run down parts of New York – and paired with Eastbound and Down, made for a classic comedy line-up on HBO’s Sunday night block for two years. On the show, Eugene Mirman appears a few times as the band’s creepy landlord (who openly admits he sneaks into their apartment to watch them sleep), while Kristen Schaal is featured in every episode as the band’s one obsessive, often sexually aggressive fan. FotC was short-lived, unfortunately – but it’s nice to see Mirman and Schaal, the two resident weirdos of the show, team up as Belcher siblings.

Office Space – David Herman (Phillip Frond, Marshmallow), Gary Cole (Sergeant Bosco)

Here’s a fun one we had to dip back into casting lists to find: both Gary Cole and David Herman’s acting credits include roles in Office Space, and they’ve both lent their voices to recurring roles on Bob’s Burgers, with Herman taking on multiple roles. Who would’ve thought that Michael Bolton and the evil Bill Lumbergh would end up on the same show together, 20 years later?

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