Theories for Dead City Meet with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Approval

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Dead City will not be arriving on TV until April of 2023. Still, people are predicting what will happen based on season 11 of The Walking Dead and how Negan might react. If this were the old Negan, it’s fair to state that if Annie had been taken from him back, he would have reacted with a swift vengeance and the type of fury that would have allowed him to roll over anyone in his path. As of now, though, Negan has changed, but it’s predicted that he will return to his original self if something happens to Annie and that he and Maggie might be at odds again. That sounds reasonable enough since trying to forgive the person who terrorized her friends and killed the father of her child, and watching as he’s able to start over with a family of his own, would be insanely tough for many people, given that it would be seen as fate favoring those who took what they wanted rather than those who did the right thing. Of course, Maggie has had her issues, and Negan has been an issue, but on the road to Dead City, it does feel like there will be a few challenges that might end up testing Negan’s ability to adhere to the changes he made. 

credit: The Walking Dead

The tension between Maggie and Negan will boil over at some point

This doesn’t feel as though it will decrease entirely since there’s too much animosity between them, given that he took her husband and the father of her child, Hershel. Despite all that has been done and said since that time, it doesn’t feel as though she’ll ever be able to turn the corner and see him as a natural ally. The two have worked toward the same end in season 11, but it’s also been seen that their issues arise continually to confuse and confound things, and it’s easy to think that this will continue to happen. Should Dead City allow this awkward relationship to continue, it does feel that it might come to a head again, but without any barriers between the two. It’s a bit of theory, but it could happen. 

A lot of fans appear to think that something is going to happen to Annie

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s responses to several fan theories seen on social media have been taken in stride since they’re largely positive. Still, people wonder if he’s stating that said theories are sound or if he’s somehow validating these theories without saying so out loud. Too much speculation can lead one down the path of rumor avenue and gossip street. Still, it’s become a relatively common belief that many shows and movies these days have decided to keep people in the dark or confused about what will happen next and whether the actors are giving away hints without saying as much. The leaks that have been experienced in the recent past have made it clear that many people in the entertainment industry have realized that giving too much and exposing some aspects of a show or a movie can damage the reputation and therefore lessen the enjoyment of a series or a feature. 

credit: The Walking Dead

Fans are already wondering what will happen if Negan and Rick meet up again

This almost feels like it should happen on basic principle as Negan makes his way north, as the reunification of Rick and several survivors are something that many fans would love to see. But what might happen if this does occur is anyone’s guess since it might happen that the meeting wouldn’t be as positive as some might want to think. Negan could already be changing and regressing to his old ways, which would mean that dealing with Rick might not be the joyous reunion that might happen otherwise. Nevertheless, things happen, scripts are adapted and made to evolve, and it’s fair to say that Negan might not be the same person. 

One theory is that the spin-offs will reunite several individuals

This would be one of the most apparent developments that would arise since the spin-offs are focusing on several individuals that will head out on their trail and meet up with various individuals and reunite with those they haven’t seen in a while. The reunions feel as though they’re bound to be something special, which is how this should be since focusing on them too much is likely to give the feeling that the spin-off is just another extension of season 11 that’s been mislabeled. But in terms of what’s to come, Dead City already sounds like something that’s going to be interesting to sit down and watch. 

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