The Simpsons: Homer is Live for the first time in 27 years

The Simpsons

I wouldn’t say that I’m a die-hard fan of The Simpsons, but I watch from time to time. I was intrigued, in a manner of speaking, when I heard that the show is going to let Homer Simpson, voiced by Dan Castellaneta, answer questions from viewers and fans live. I had the opportunity to take part in this historic event in animation history via Twitter (as well as listening to the live broadcast playing on TV) instead of calling in because it would be an international call.

My tweets to Homer were polite in nature (as is the common courtesy when interacting with famous figures on social media). I even asked questions that I wanted to ask the patriarch of the Simpsons family simply out of curiosity. Some of the tweets were only seen and not replied to, but I managed to get a quoted tweet/reply from him on the topic of basketball. Hey, one is better than nothing, right?

With regards to the West Coast interaction with Mr. Simpson, I felt that it wasn’t as smooth as it should’ve been. There were moments where Homer will cut off the caller as he or she is asking a question. I understand that this is the first time that the show has done something like this, but if they wanted to do more of these live interactions, maybe they should let the caller finish talking. Then they can let Homer or whoever is taking part in the segment comment on or answer the question. Wonder how it went on the East Coast?

Nevertheless, this has been a very engaging experience. It would be fascinating to see if other members of the Simpsons family or characters on the show can have their versions of this in the future. I think that I can hold a conversation with Lisa or Kent Brockman. That is if they have social media accounts that I can like or follow because it would be rather difficult to talk to Yeardley Smith and Harry Shearer in person unless you are a well-known reporter or journalist from an equally famous media outlet and not an aspiring fiction writer.

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