Similarities Between Smile and The Bye Bye Man

Similarities Between Smile and The Bye Bye Man

Similarities Between Smile and The Bye Bye Man
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Comparing horror movies is easy sometimes, but it can also be kind of frustrating when comparing movies such as Smile and The Bye Bye Man. One really has to look for the similarities and why it makes sense to compare them. The biggest similarity between these two movies, well, one of them at least, is that both movies were supposed to be insanely scary, and neither of them really delivered on that promise. Between the marketing materials and the general idea that these movies were going to be so unique in their delivery, one could have easily thought that they were going to sit down and feel their blood turn to ice the moment that the terror started to build. With Smile this happened rather quickly, but with The Bye Bye Man, the terror had to build, and by the time it was there, its impact wasn’t as easy to feel on a visceral level, but the truth is that neither movie fully delivered on the promise. Apart from that, one of the biggest similarities is that they both operate in a manner that forces human beings to act in a manner that’s contrary to our natural behavior. 

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The two creatures aren’t that comparable, but they’re not that different. 

Both are humanoid, even though the spirit that’s inhabiting the various humans in Smile is tough to think about, especially when it reveals itself in such a horrifying manner. They’re both supernatural in nature, obviously, and they can be anywhere when the moment presents itself, but only the creature in Smile appears capable of following its victim without being summoned. The Bye Bye Man, on the other hand, needs a person to think about him, to talk about him, and this is something that a lot of people can’t hope to avoid if the knowledge of the creature is already there. In any case, both creatures are deadly once they’ve been allowed into the orbit of those they’re trying to affect. Trying to stop them is equally impossible, as the movies have shown. 

Human beings rely heavily on their senses, and we’re habitual creatures, so both movies lock in the fact that we can’t help but interact with the world around us. 

When was the last time that you could easily forget something you’d heard or not look at something that’s odd, awkward, or horrible? Both movies rely heavily on taking advantage of the nature of humanity to exist and to do what they do. The creature in Smile needs someone to look in its direction to be cursed, which is nearly impossible to stop since humans rely heavily on their sight. Whether people want to agree with this or not, the premise of The Bye Bye Man is just as impossible to deny since once a person knows about something, not thinking about it is just as tough as not looking at something that occurs within our line of sight. Not talking about it might be easier, but sooner or later, a lot of people slip up, and mention of that thing that they’re not supposed to talk about is going to happen. 

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Both movies had a great deal of potential. 

Before watching these movies, it was easy to think that they might be tough to get through simply because they might be scary as hell. Unfortunately, neither movie really delivered on this, no matter that many people are of the mind that they did just what they were supposed to do. It’s easy to say this when trying to build up the movie for others, but once a person gets to watch the movies it’s all a matter of how easily scared they are and what type of horror they enjoy. The stories were actually quite interesting when one takes a moment to stop and recognize what they were trying to do, but the execution is such a temperamental part of the process that trying to get everything right and make it work for the majority of the audience is exceedingly tough. 

When all is said and done, the movies attempt to bank on creating an impossible scenario that most humans wouldn’t be able to escape. 

Movies that exist to test the resolve of humanity are interesting because they exist based on the idea that people can control the uncontrollable aspects of their lives that can and sometimes do get us in trouble. We’re bound to notice things that attract our attention. It’s difficult to stop thinking about something that we’ve been told, especially if it’s coupled with the kind of traumatic events that are seen in these movies, and trying not to talk about something that’s bothering us is easy enough, but keeping it intends to do just as much damage as talking about it does. 

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