Should Smile Get a Sequel?

Should Smile Get a Sequel?
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Smile has been hailed as one of the scariest movies to come along in a while, which means that the bar has been lowered in a way that’s hard to believe since the jump scares were interesting, but the terror factor does feel as though it’s changed quite a bit over the years. But giving credit where it’s due, the movie did manage to tell a story that wasn’t complete but could lead to something else if those doing the writing are able to find a suitable hook that might captivate the audience once again and get them to believe that such a story would pull them in yet again. The fact that the entity in this movie is capable of being wherever it needs to be and is passed along from one person to another like a curse is creepy as hell, but it’s also a fairly easy creature to defeat if one can avoid looking at it. Obviously, the difficulty when it comes to destroying this thing, as was proven in the end, but a sequel would hopefully shed some further light on the entity and what it was all about. 

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It does feel as though a prequel would be better. 

Trying to find out how this curse started, or how long it’s been around feels like a better idea since it stands to reason that there’s a truly messed-up origin that could be revealed. This element could be great since it might allow people to figure out why the smiling is so important and why the entity is out to get people. Revealing just enough, not everything, of the entity would be fun since it might give those who are trying to survive at least a fighting chance to figure out what needs to be done and how they might be able to beat the thing or at least to survive and ignore the entity for a while. One has to remember that this thing came along without much of an explanation as to why it was there or how long it had really been around. 

A sequel might show the limitations of this story. 

The parameters of this story haven’t been shown yet since it’s still wide open, meaning that it could possibly create a sequel, a prequel, and become even bigger. But where it would end and where it would really start might be a shorter story than some folks are willing to hear. The idea that this entity has been around for a while is kind of easy to guess since it would be able to go under the radar for a while if it really wanted to. But seeing how impulsive the entity is, meaning that it will jump into pretty much anyone so long as they’re looking at it when the transfer is made, it’s easy to think that the story could fly off the rails very quickly and without warning. 

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Sequels sometimes cheapen the feel of the original movie. 

Anyone who wants to deny this isn’t that picky when it comes to movies, which is a good thing but is also kind of naive since the fact is that sequels can fall on their face very quickly and reveal that the original idea wasn’t all that great, to begin with. Trying to imagine how Smile could be pushed forward or given a stronger base is kind of tough since there isn’t a whole lot of lore in this movie, at least not yet. If it does get pushed forward and given a bit more development, it would be fun to see since it could be that Smile might be a movie that people will remember for some time to come. It’s going to take a bit of work, but it’s entirely possible. The only real hurdle that can be seen at the moment is whether the audience is going to ask for more or if the people behind the story are going to be interested in keeping it moving along. 

If it does happen, hopefully, the story will advance and benefit from the original without trying to push too far from the initial story. 

Keeping to the core story would be kind of important since trying to escalate too much from the initial tale would be a bit of a shock unless the writers could find a way to create an origin story that would make a great deal of sense and create the kind of chaos that might need to be tamped down to keep from frightening people and making the movie a chaotic mess that failed to take off. In any case, Smile was enjoyable since it told a different story that’s easy to get into, but it still feels incomplete, and a sequel could possibly help that out, or it could ruin what’s already an interesting idea. 

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