Should The New Mutants Get a Sequel?

Should The New Mutants Get a Sequel?
Box Office: 'New Mutants' Has Performed Like A Non-Marvel And Non-DC Comics  Superhero Movie

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It’s too easy to state that The New Mutants did not deliver on the type of thrills and chills that were expected, even if there were a few moments of excitement within the movie. Whatever hype was built early on with the announcement of the movie was squandered as delays forced the feature to be pushed back again and again. And sadly, the fact is that the Avengers and their constituent members have been pushed so forcefully upon the public that trying to accept anything else, especially names that were known mostly to comic book fans, has been a risky proposition. In all honesty, The New Mutants are a very fun group to think about since they come with a few powers that have been seen as huge trump cards in the Marvel Universe. But thinking about a sequel doesn’t appear to be high on the list of priorities when it comes to their possible inclusion in the MCU. In fact, it’s not known at this time whether it will ever happen since the movie did bomb out in a big way, even though it did try to do something impressive. 

X-Men's The New Mutants: A History Of The Delays So Far And When The Film  Will Hit Theaters | Cinemablend

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There are plenty of stories that this group can be used to follow. 

Throughout the comics, this group managed to split and then reform a time or two in order to help out other groups when it came to different matters. It would be great to see an Inferno arc that would include the X-Men and various other members of the Marvel Universe. It’s easy to state that a good number of The New Mutants have worked with quite a few other groups in their time, and it’s even been established that a couple of them have a few surprises left to show people since Sam turned out to be an immortal at one point, and Illyana became the ruler of her own dimension, not to mention that she carries a darkness within her that continues to grow every time she uses her powers. Rahne and Danni faded out eventually, while other members came in, but they did their part and are worth remembering. Sunspot, well, he went on to become kind of a jerk, or rather, remain one, but he’s been seen in other movies already, despite being played by another actor. 

Crossovers might be a good idea 

The downside about crossovers is that they are likely a little tough to deal with, especially with so many other characters coming to the MCU and several others already taking off since the actors wanted to do other things. But to think that this team could be used for one crossover or another to widen the scope of the MCU isn’t too tough. It’s just a matter of writing them in and being able to make sense of it in one arc or another. This is possible no matter how many people might say otherwise since taking what’s there and working with it in a manner that can allow for one story to cross into another wouldn’t be so insanely difficult, at least not if the writers were on the ball and were working with the director to make sure that the number of inconsistencies and plot holes was kept to an absolute minimum. 

The New Mutants (2020) | Film Review | This Is Film

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Each member of the team could possibly be seen in other movies.

This has happened in the comics, so it’s fair to think that it could happen in the movies, as Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Magik, and Lockheed have all worked with other heroes and stood against various villains in their time. They have stuck mostly to those groups and stories that deal with mutants since the general idea has usually been that the mutants stick together, considering that a lot of people don’t want to deal with them. But there have been times when each member of this group has managed to stick their nose into the business of others in a way that has made them a useful individual or kind of a nuisance. But to see this happen in the movies would be a lot of fun since it would be different, and it would invite another chance for the franchise to head off in other directions. 

I won’t lie. Seeing more of Illyana would be nice. 

Magik is by far the most interesting member of this group since she’s also one of the most powerful by far. The ability to jump into her own dimension where her power is nearly absolute, and to wield something as powerful as the soulsword, is no small thing. But considering that the Inferno arc, which should still be considered as a possibility in the MCU, featured her so prominently, it would be a great idea to have a sequel to The New Mutants leading into such a story. 

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