Jason Momoa Wants Vengeance in “Sweet Girl” Trailer

Jason Momoa Wants Vengeance in “Sweet Girl” Trailer

Jason Momoa Wants Vengeance in “Sweet Girl” Trailer

It would be amazing if people would be honest and claim that they wouldn’t want to do this same thing if their family was in the same position. In fact, it’s amazing to think that no one has ever gone to this kind of extreme, save for the idea that a lot of folks know very well the trouble they would bring down on their heads if they did. Sweet Girl is the story of a man that’s trying to keep his family together, meaning himself and his daughter, when his wife falls ill and dies after a pharmaceutical company decides not to market a drug that could have saved her life. Jason Momoa plays the lead as the husband and father that is out to teach the pharmaceutical company a lesson in what it means to be held responsible for the actions they take. In terms of realism it doesn’t feel likely that anyone would do such a thing unless they had the backing of enough people in the right positions to take on Big Pharma since, despite the fantastical idea that Big Pharma would send assassins after anyone to keep the matter quiet, there are plenty of people that feel that the government would do anything to keep its secrets.

Such a theme has been a popular one for a long time since the idea of the individual getting back at the big corporations that claim to be helping people while they’re denying the claims of many is the type of story that a lot of people tend to get into since it gives them a feeling of empowerment. The fact is that the world we live in isn’t a perfect one, and the issues between the haves and have-nots are something that doesn’t feel bound to go away anytime soon. Sadly, there are too many cases that might mirror this story in a big way since the whole idea behind people not receiving the medication they need is a real one that happens too regularly.

Stories like this tend to divide people quite a bit, but those that get into them are often those that have a very strong sense of justice that leans towards the people and away from the corporations that tend to run the country in a big way. Picking sides is often quite difficult since corporations help the country to run, while the corporations also need their people, both their workers and their consumers. To take care of both is likely easy in the minds of those that aren’t at the top spots, but there’s also the thought that drug companies tend to withhold certain drugs that could benefit people that need them for one reason or another. Money appears to be one big reason that people tend to cite, while the safety of the drug is what corporations tend to come up with when asked why it’s not being marketed. Then there’s the actual cost of the medications that come out and the fact that it’s often so expensive that the average person can’t possibly afford it.

Frustration is an easy feeling to come up with in such situations, and anger is swift to follow when nothing is resolved. But going to the lengths of threatening those that are at the top and promising that they’re going to feel something by the time it’s all said and done is an act of desperation that a lot of people might say is worth it since the fact that corporations can get away without marketing a drug that can save lives for a decent price. There are a few reasons why this is bound to be a compelling movie and that it might be getting noticed when August hits, and one of the biggest is that people still have a massive issue with Big Pharma for a number of reasons. But the truth is that August is going to be a busy month when it comes to the streaming game, and Netflix is definitely preparing for the shows and movies that are about to come from its competitors. Sweet Girl is bound to be one of those movies that will hit the public on a few different levels given that it’s dealing with such a sensitive issue.

Movies often make people want to follow what they see and do what they do, but should anyone ever attempt what’s in the trailer it feels that a single individual wouldn’t be able to do much. But a nation willing to spill the secrets of those that are supposed to be helping them and in the meantime are simply stuffing their pockets could be far more dangerous. The story is one that is bound to make a lot of people feel little but disdain for the government that’s supposed to help them out, but it’s best to remember that it’s fiction before even thinking of such an attempt.

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