Should Jon Snow Get a Spinoff?

Game of Thrones Releases Jon Snow Recap Video Ahead of Possible Spinoff  Series Announcement

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This is kind of a tricky question for a number of reasons. Jon Snow was a favorite character of many during the Game of Thrones run, despite the fact that he was such a morally upright character at times. It was easy to be annoyed with Jon quite often since fans would often point out that in a world of grey-tinged decisions, Jon often went with the moral high ground as much as he could but would sacrifice those morals if it turned out to be the best decision. In other words, he was a noble hypocrite that did what he could to weigh his decisions before making them but constantly bemoaned having to make them in the first place. Jon wasn’t a bad character, but he was a serious pain in the neck at times since his noble spirit created more drama than was needed. But when it came time to act, he was ready to get down to brass tacks and make something happen, especially if the decision was one that needed to be made right at that moment. He might not have liked it, but Jon did know how to get things done now and then. But with the idea of a spin-off apparently circulating from one person to another, it’s fair to wonder if this should happen at all, even if a lot of people are excited to hear that such a show might find its way to the writer’s room eventually. 

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Spinoff in Development at HBO | POPSUGAR  Entertainment

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What would the story be about? 

The last time anyone saw Jon, he was headed into the wild north along with his companions in the Night’s Watch. It’s easy to understand that he was going to contact what was left of the Wildlings and would perhaps even suggest an alliance, but one has to guess that things wouldn’t be that simple. A show centered around learning more about the far north and seeing if the Wall might be rebuilt to its former glory would be interesting, but it’s also interesting to think that the White Walkers would still be mentioned since they were such a destructive force over the course of eight seasons. How this would take shape is tough to see at the moment, but it’s fair to think that if anything is evident that George R. R. Martin shouldn’t be a part of this, if only because it would continue to prove that he can’t finish a series without being distracted yet again.  

Would key characters appear at some point in the show? 

It would be great to see as many characters from the original show as possible, but it’s not exactly feasible to think that such a thing would happen on a whim since the Wall is a great distance to travel to from many other areas of Westeros. But seeing a few individuals that were popular during the initial show every now and then, even for just a cameo, would be fun since it would establish that the spin-off is still connected to the main show instead of being allowed to be independent. The statement that Jon Snow couldn’t exist without GoT is accurate since not only did the character come from the show, but if he were to sever all connections, it’s easy to think that he’d cease to be an interesting character on his own after a while. 

Game Of Thrones' star talks Jon Snow spin-off series ideas

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His appears to be the only story that might emerge from GoT. 

A lot of fans wanted to see a spin-off that would show how Arya Stark’s life might turn out since she became one of the more interesting characters in the show, but it sounds as though Maisie Williams wouldn’t exactly be interested unless the time was right. A spin-off with any other character might be intriguing to think about, but how each one would work is anyone’s guess since, at some point, it might become yet another GoT extension that wouldn’t really evolve so much as continue. At this moment, it feels as though moving away from King’s Landing and the more civilized areas would be best simply because it would explore an area that the show hasn’t explained as much. 

A fight between Grey Worm and Jon would be interesting. 

A lot of fans are of the mind that a fight between Jon and Grey Worm would end with Jon taking the W, especially since Grey Worm is, as part of the Unsullied, a fighter that relies heavily on the tactics he was taught and doesn’t have the same qualities that Jon does. It does feel that it would be a closer fight than some think. However since, throughout his time in the show, it was made clear that Grey Worm did evolve, which means he’s a lot deadlier on his own than people tend to think. 

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