Should ‘Bronson’ Get a Remake?

Should ‘Bronson’ Get a Remake?

This kind of discussion might actually get people to look at you funny since people either won’t know that much about this movie, or they won’t know anything at all. Bronson was the story of Charlie Bronson, aka Michael Peterson, the most notorious criminal in Britain. The movie was loosely based on his life and starred Tom Hardy, but it was a great deal of insanity that one couldn’t help but think was actually kind of comical, in a very disturbing and dark kind of way, since Hardy put in a stellar performance. The movie is one of those that caused a bit of a stir when it first came out but was largely forgotten not long after. It’s likely that those in the UK remember Bronson far more than those in the US since the guy has been in and out of prison and even passed through one psychiatric hospital after another. One could say he’s a bit crazy and perhaps a little off his rocker, but the fact is that he’s done more to improve his life while in prison than many people tend to do outside of one. 

The movie did take a lot of liberties with Bronson’s real life, but it also managed to deliver a tale that was fraught with such madness that some might have actually believed it was the certified truth. There were many things left out, such as the fact that this man wasn’t an only child and that he did have a few jobs and several more run-ins with the law before he actually went to prison. Detailing his entire life however might have taken too long for the movie, and it’s kind of obvious that the director had a plan that he wanted to stick to. For his own part, Tom Hardy did an amazing job when it came to convincing people that Bronson was a bit of a nut job and wasn’t someone that was entirely suited for the world outside of prison walls. That’s definitely something that might be debated since everyone has their own point of view, but the real Bronson went on to praise Hardy for his performance and, if you can believe this, actually chopped off his mustache and sent it to Hardy as a bit of luck, or to wear for the movie.

So to be fair, a reboot or a remake of this movie feels like it might actually need Bronson’s blessing, but it does feel as though a remake might also be a good way to show the stark truth of how Bronson was brought up, the reality of his situation when it came to being thrust in and out of one prison or another, and possibly an up to date look at how things have been going for the man. He’s in his 60s now and sounds just as squirrelly as ever, meaning that time and constant solitary confinement haven’t broken him, which is amazing to be certain. A reboot wouldn’t have anything to do with Hardy’s performance, which was exemplary, but it would perhaps open up the story just a bit to see if any more detail could be given and a little more accuracy could be utilized. A lot of people might think to leave the movie just as it is, and that feels like it would be the consensus, but in the era of reboots and remakes, one can’t help but think that one day or another might see the fruition of such an idea. 

It’s definitely recommended that people watch this movie since despite being a little odd it’s one that folks might find interesting since this man has led a rather extraordinary life despite making it clear that he’s more comfortable being a violent criminal. Glorifying his life isn’t the point of this, it’s trying to find out what Charles Bronson is all about and what makes him tick. Obviously, if one has seen the movie then they might still be wondering about that since the rhyme and reason to the things he’s done don’t mesh with a lot of people and what they believe to be logical. But this is the interest in this particular case since Bronson isn’t the worst of the worst, but he’s definitely someone of interest because it would appear that he made his lot in life and he’s happy with it. 

Some might think this makes no sense and that the Bronson biopic should be left alone to be analyzed by those that find such subjects appealing, but with all honesty, it could be interesting to see a completely true account of his life. If nothing else, it could possibly explain who he is and why he turned out this way in one detail or another. Some folks apparently live for conflict. 

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