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It’s only been three years since Alita: Battle Angel came out in theaters, and to be fair, the movie was entertaining, even if it had the kind of pacing that made people struggle to keep up if they didn’t know the story beforehand. With that in mind, the movie was still fun since Alita is an endearing character that isn’t helpless but still has to recover a lot of who she was and, in the process, ends up becoming a rather deadly individual. Despite her obvious skill and expertise, she looked to Dr. Ido, played by Christoph Waltz, with some deference since he helped to bring her back to life after finding her head in a dumping site. Being that she was a unique and special individual, Ido did recognize that she was worth keeping around, but once she started to regain her sense of self, it was understood that Ido couldn’t do much for her other than to be her support, which was easy to understand and get behind. But over the years, it’s been widely questioned as to whether a sequel to this movie will ever arrive since the numbers didn’t appear to support another movie, much less a trilogy. But in all honesty, it does feel as though this movie could be worth another two movies. 

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The lore that surrounds the character could easily be built upon. 

Considering that Alita’s story began in the 90s, there is enough there to create a couple of movies that might show more of her backstory and how she came to be in the dump where Dr. Ido found her. The first movie made an effort to show key moments in her past that would explain to the audience who she was and what she was capable of, but there wasn’t enough to make it clear to those who had never heard of her just why she and her companions were so set upon taking down Zalem. The only thing that anyone has to go on is the fact that Zalem is apparently an enemy to the people, or at least is seen as one by her sect. Apart from that, it would appear that people go about their day without thinking that much about Zalem since survival is tough enough. But if the next two movies could lean hard into the lore, it’s fair to say that Alita could become a complete character in short order, and her story would be solid enough to satisfy anyone if they were willing to put the pieces together. 

Looking at the villains of the first movie, it’s easy to think that the main villain can call upon other resources that would challenge Alita. 

Grewishka was big and nasty, and the two others that were with him no doubt had their own stories, and for her first outing on the big screen, this was enough for  Alita to handle as she continued to figure out who she was and what she could do. By the end of the movie, it was obvious that she’d learned to harness her abilities again and that her new body was highly resistant to damage and could heal itself when given time. But the manner in which she dispatched Grewishka, who had been modified and upgraded no less, proves that her expertise would require far more dangerous measures that could give her a serious challenge or end her entirely. Keep in mind this young woman walked through a room filled with several tank-sized droids that were all intent on bringing her down, and she emerged unscathed. 

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It would be interesting to think that there might be others like Alita still trying to take Nova down. 

The idea that she’s the last of her kind and that no one else is hiding out somewhere else in the city or in the world is kind of tough to believe since it’s fair to think that the task of taking Zalem down might require more than one person. It’s already been established that relying on the other bounty hunters in the city wouldn’t be wise since they’re typically out for their own interests, but thinking that other Battle Angels might be in hiding around the world is intriguing since, over the course of two movies it could be revealed that they’re still around, but their numbers have been greatly depleted. 

There are a lot of different ways to make this story work for another two movies. 

This would be a serious special effects bonanza if such an idea took hold and those in charge were adamant about presenting this story in the best way possible. There’s no doubt that a trilogy could be a possibility, and it might end up telling Alita’s story in a much more efficient manner. 

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