10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Henderson

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Henderson

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Henderson

We’ve been a Kristin Cavallari fan since her Laguna Beach days, and we were ecstatic when it was announced in 2018 that she’s coming out with a new show. Very Cavallari has followed Kristin’s life since, and it has also introduced us to some of the most interesting characters currently on reality television. One of those is Kelly Henderson, who has stepped down into a guest role for the third season of the show. Henderson is the type of person who could probably carry a show all on her own, so here are 10 things about her that you ought to know if you don’t already.

1. She is a southern girl

Kelly Henderson was born on July 11, 1982 in Lafayette, Louisiana. In fact, she’s lived majority of her life in the state. The 37-year old reality star left Lafayette when she was 8 years old and moved to Baton Rouge with her family. She would spend the rest of her childhood there until she makes another move for college. Through watching the show, you can clearly point out her southern girl tendencies, and it’s actually refreshing to see on television.

2. She also went to college in Louisiana

Henderson loved Louisiana so much that she ended up attending Louisiana State University. Henderson got her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications with a focus on Public Relations. You can tell that she feels comfortable on the camera, and some of her college experience might have helped. While she was in college, she did an internship for a publicist in Nashville. She fell in love with the city and the rest is history.

3. She found her passion in Nashville

Because of how she felt about Nashville, Henderson ended up moving back to the city after she graduated from LSU. She ended up getting a public relations job at a modeling agency, and that’s where things took a turn in her life–in a great way. At the agency, she met a makeup artist that would eventually influence her change of mind to get into makeup artistry rather than PR. It was probably the best decision of her life.

4. She was once a model

Ever since she was little, Henderson has always been interested in fashion. She spent a lot of time during her youth watching red carpet events on television and studying various styles. It all sparked an interest in her that she couldn’t really put down. Eventually, Henderson found herself doing modeling jobs while she was in college. They weren’t anything big, but they were enough to give Henderson a picture of what it would be like to work in that industry. She has the look of a model, but she’s also got the talents and wit of a successful stylist.

5. She is now a celebrity stylist

You probably wouldn’t know this unless you’ve seen the show, but Henderson is a successful entrepreneur and stylist. She has styled some of the biggest names in music. This includes Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, and Kip Moore among many others. Given that her business is based out of Nashville, it makes perfect sense that some of her biggest clients are country music artists.

6. She’s a blogger

Everyone might seem to be a blogger these days, but there really are only a certain few that actually have something valuable to say. If you’re looking for anything style, hair, or fashion-related, Henderson’s blogs are worth looking into. As an entrepreneur, it’s important for Henderson to have some way of communicating and updating her clients and fans. Blogging is one of the best ways to keep her followers interested and engaged. Her website is called Velvet’s Edge, and it’s definitely edgy, fun, and totally her. Henderson is actively putting up content on her site–an integral part of the success of her business. It’s the good-to site for anyone interested in the industry.

7. She has an e-commerce site

Apart from making money as a reality star, a stylist, an entrepreneur, and a blogger, Henderson also makes money through her e-commerce site: Liketoknowit. The site is also available as an app on OS and Android. Liketoknowit allows users to search millions of products and brands that are curated by real people: stylists, celebrities, and even social media influencers. It’s the new way to shop for looks that actually work.

8. She is tattooed

Henderson sports a rather large yet delicate tattoo on her right shoulder blade. The tattoo is that of a flock of nondescript birds flying. Typically, birds signify some kind of freedom, but we’re not sure at this point what this tattoo means to Henderson personally. We’re also not aware if Henderson sports another tattoo on a different part of her body. Some people say that once you get a tattoo, you’re likely to get more afterwards. Given Henderson’s personality, her shoulder blade tattoo might be the only one she’s got.

9. She was engaged once

There are rumors that Henderson is married. However, this doesn’t seem to be the truth. As public as her life may be given that she’s a reality TV personality, Henderson has actually managed to keep some of her personal life extremely private. This includes her relationship status. It turns out that there was a time when Henderson was actually engaged to a friend and teammate of Jay Cutler, Kristin’s husband. That relationship ended up dissolving after cheating allegations.

10. She’s no longer friends with Kristin

This is probably the saddest part of Henderson’s story. She was Kristin’s best friend for many years, but now the two are hardly speaking to each other. In 2019 during season 2 of Very Cavallari, rumors began to surface about Kristin’s husband Jay Cutler cheating on her with Henderson. Kristin claimed she didn’t believe any of it–at least until Henderson refused to address the situation with her. These days, the two former friends are no longer close the way they used to. In addition, Henderson’s role on the show has also been downgraded.

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