Introvision Made Special Effects that are Still Better than Some CGI Today

Introvision Made Special Effects that are Still Better than Some CGI Today

Introvision was managing to make special effects that in some ways are still better than some of the CGI that exists today. The main issue that some people have with CGI is that it doesn’t look real enough and can be picked out by those that are willing to take the time to see just what went wrong. Some CGI attempts are truly horrible, and in truth Introvision is still somewhat superior in many ways. The only downfall of Introvision besides being outdated is that if you look closely you can see the lines around each actor and notice that you’re looking at miniature sets. The angles and the techniques that were used at the time that Introvision was at the top of its game were great, and even revolutionary, but as of now the technology has been passed up and left behind.

CGI is to film now what Introvision used to be, the answer that’s needed for creating effects that look real and can create a superior film experience. The acting hasn’t changed quite as much but the technology is something that has made a lot of people believe that what they’re looking at is genuine until the learn differently. Introvision was something quite unique in its time and gave people one heck of a good show, but it didn’t last just as many things didn’t. That seems to be the way of Hollywood though, as quickly as things come in they get upgraded, and those that can’t hang with the coming tech tend to get outdated and ousted. Introvision was awesome when it first came in but the models and sets were simply not enough after a while. They still look better than come of the CGI today but with the advances in filmmaking and the constantly updated methods and techniques that are being used it’s hard to top anything that’s come out recently with something that was considered top of the line decades ago.

Nostalgia is why some of these things keep being brought up, and it’s a good thing they are because it reminds us of how the movie industry has changed throughout the years and what was done to make the current methods and techniques possible. Introvision might have gone the way of the dinosaur after a while but it was one of the great pioneering attempts in film history that made films so enticing and seem like something that defied belief. From the simplest to the most grand films imaginable Introvision was something that couldn’t be topped for a while. It gave new life to films and cut production costs enough that it was more than worth the effort.

But if you watch anything that was enhanced by Introvision now you’re likely to notice the huge difference in filming techniques and the fact that the environments created don’t offer a lot of interaction with the characters. CGI is no more real than Introvision ever was, but it does have the effect of making it seem that the actors are able to manipulate everything within the set, not just walk around it.

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