5 Things the New Beauty and the Beast Trailer Has Us Excited About

5 Things the New Beauty and the Beast Trailer Has Us Excited About


With all the chaos going on in the world, we needed something to lift us high. Boy did Disney deliver! Yesterday’s premiere of the first full-length trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast was nothing short of stunning. With advancements in technology Disney has been able to bring to life their most beloved animated classics to a whole new generation. No offense to the new kids, but there is no way they could possibly be more giddy than a die-hard Disney fan who danced around to the original animated version as a toddler. Everything about the trailer swept us up into that beautiful world of magic, gorgeous imagery, and lessons in kindness and tolerance. Beyond what you’ve seen with your own eyes, here are five elements that we believe will take the new Beauty and the Beast to the top of the box office come March.

1. Belle’s Wardrobe: We all know the famous yellow dress (which is still stunning), but what about Belle’s other wardrobe choices? The simple, deep blue peasant dress which Emma Watson dons at the beginning of the film introduces her as a simple girl with a big mind and big dreams. Then there’s the beautiful red dress and cloak she wears in the winter, the flowery dress for the library scene, and everything in between we can’t wait to admire. Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran has experience with lavish and subtle beauty, winning an Oscar in 2013 for Anna Karenina. She really outdid herself this time.


2. The Library: A room full of books. You don’t have to call me twice! Plus there’s never been a better time to inspire little girls to soak in as much knowledge as they can.

3. The Music: It really is a tale as old as time as Alan Menken, the lead composer for the original animated film, took up the reigns once again for the live-action revival. Last month I was able to attend the Oscar winner’s one-night only concert during which he debuted one of two brand new songs written exclusively for the remake. One of the original songs will also tack on lyrics by the late Howard Ashman, Menken’s friend and lyricist on the animated film, who died from AIDS-related complications in the middle of the making of Aladdin in 1991. Ashman posthumously won the Oscar and Grammy awards for writing the title track “Beauty and the Beast”, and was nominated for Aladdin‘s “Friend Like Me”, which he wrote from his sickbed just before he died. The score used in the trailer should be all you need to convince you of the magic. Perhaps there’s another Oscar in Menken’s future, and Ashman is smiling down on the magic he helped create.

4. The Friends: Belle and the Beast’s love story would never have gotten off the ground had it not been for the magical staff who gently nudged the two towards happiness. Today’s technology made it possible for characters like Lumiere and Cogsworth to come to life like never before. You may not see their faces, but how can we be anything less than pleased with the voices of Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen as Belle and Beast’s confidantes? Yes, we are all a bit miffed Angela Lansbury didn’t get to take up the role of Mrs. Potts again, but that doesn’t mean we love Emma Thompson any less. We’re waiting on pins and needles to hear her version of the title song.


5. The Spirit: 25 years ago Disney introduced us to one of its most beloved and unconventional love stories. It has stood the test of time because of that. For once the handsome prince wasn’t a perfect Adonis who could do no wrong. He could be angry and frustrated with the cards life dealt him, and really need to work hard at redemption. For once the princess wasn’t some fragile flower who needed to be rescued at every turn. She had a mind of her own and she could do the rescuing if need be. Disney took a centuries old French fairy tale and showed the world that real love was about patience, kindness, tolerance, and forgiveness. This is the kind of magic little girls and little boys need to see.

Get ready to buy your tickets to the most magical event of 2017.

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