Shoresy is Finally Getting a Second Season

Shoresy is Finally Getting a Second Season
Shoresy is Finally Getting a Second Season

credit: Shoresy

Shoresy is finally getting a second season. However, it feels likely that only the diehard fans are going to take note. Letterkenny, the parent show of this humorous spinoff, has been noticed over the past eleven seasons by those who can understand the sense of humor that’s used frequently. Shoresy is a byproduct of Letterkenny. The show was born from a single character that was prominently featured during the main show. 

Jared Keeson, the creator of the original show on Hulu and also the titular character of Shoresy, also plays the role of Wayne in Letterkenny. It’s fair to state that both shows contain a sense of humor that’s unconventional at times. But it’s also wise to state that plenty of fans have found this type of humor endearing. 

Based in a fictional town in Canada, Letterkenny gave rise to Shoresy as a foul-mouthed, mother-loving hockey player. He was the constant bane of two season regulars,  Reilly and Jonesy, as he insulted them constantly and spoke in a sexual manner about their mothers. Shoresy was, more or less, a side character that was there for comic effect. 

The realization that Keeso playing the character didn’t take long to figure out. His tone of voice is different, but his voice is still distinctive enough to recognize after watching the show long enough. 

Shoresy is Finally Getting a Second Season

credit: Shoresy

It would be interesting to see a cameo from the Letterkenny cast

It’s always fun to see cameos of favorite characters that come from other shows. Shoresy is able to pull from the parent show rather easily, thanks to Keeso. His connection to his cast members remains thanks to Letterkenny. But the initial season of Shoresy stuck to its guns, so to speak, and featured only those characters that were needed. 

However, it would be nice to see someone like Squirrely Dan or Katy show up on occasion. They could help bridge the last gap between Shoresy and Letterkenny. But other than that, it would be nice to see them interact. There was already a moment in Letterkenny when Wayne and Shoresy were in the same scene together. 

Obviously, Shoresy was played by someone else whose face was never shown. But it was still nice to see the interaction, even if it wasn’t certain that Shoresy would be as successful as it was. 

Shoresy’s continued story is kind of interesting

In Letterkenny, he was simply the foul-mouthed hockey player that Reilly and Jonesy couldn’t stand. In his own show, he’s still a foul-mouthed hockey player, but he gets to be a little more. The character of Wayne in Letterkenny is amusing since his stoic nature makes him endearing. But in this show, he’s become a much deeper individual. Well, sort of. 

At the very least, he’s able to hold longer conversations without as much swearing. Plus, he has more connections with those around him and feels like a full character rather than a placeholder. The first season showed a great deal of development with Shoresy’s character as he was shown interacting with his hockey team. 

Shoresy is Finally Getting a Second Season

credit: Shoresy

The humor in this show is definitely odd

As mentioned, the sense of humor this show utilizes isn’t as conventional as many people expect. The dialogue is quick and snappy and doesn’t leave a lot of empty space. There are catchphrases and one-liners that are easy to remember but not as easy to understand. However, for the fans that have followed Letterkenny since its first season, it’s a return to something that has grown in popularity. 

The humor in Shoresy is crude but funny since it remains unapologetic about how it’s displayed. This is, much like Letterkenny, a show that is meant to be fun as it engages a fanbase that has remained loyal since the first season. The reason that Letterkenny has kept its fanbase is that it’s kept roughly the same appearance and tone. It would be wise to keep Shoresy the same. 

The manner in which the characters interact in this show feels fairly close to real life. It sounds odd to say this since many would disagree. But, like it or not, the truth is that the humor in this show is easy to follow since it feels like something that happens in real life. 

How many seasons the show will last is uncertain

It wasn’t certain that Shoresy would get a second season, but it’s easy to state that the fans are glad for it. Trying to figure out how this season is going to play out is hard to say. But Shoresy has already proven with season 1 that the hilarity is worth watching. 

As of right now, the second season isn’t 100 percent confirmed, but it does sound as though things will start moving eventually. There will be more to come, without any doubt. 

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