You Can Stay At Donald Trump’s Childhood Home Thanks to Airbnb

It’s amazing that there is still anything to be surprised about when it comes to the POTUS. But this time it has little to actually do with him, despite the fact that the home pictured above used to be his. Well, to be accurate it belonged to his parents. His father built the home and Trump spent the first four years of his life in it. Something tells me he has about as much attachment to the house as he would to one of his old ties from the 1980’s. Whatever the case, Trump’s former home is now up for rent starting at $725 a night. The Queens-based home is actually pretty spacious but the most disturbing part of it is the tour and the “facts” that the proprietor seems to think are noteworthy.

To maximize the number of people that can stay in the place the owner has installed 14 beds in the 5-room home including 2 sofa beds. That seems to indicate more of a dorm-room mentality than a real vacation spot to be honest, which in all likelihood people might like since staying just one night in this place would give me the creeps.

Apparently not a lot of the house has been updated, but certain parts obviously had to be switched and redone to accommodate visitors and those that wished to stay.

One thing that’s rather unnerving about the house tour is the fact that it’s said that in one room Donald grew up, while there’s another room in which he “might have” been conceived. It’s one thing to talk about your own children in this manner, in private, if you really want to get that detailed, but it’s another to hear about the current POTUS in this manner. I mean really, did you need to hear that? There are so many jokes and wisecracks I could make right now but I think I should refrain. Darn it.

The place has a nice look to it, very old-fashioned, and if you didn’t know it was where Trump lived you could probably think about just kicking back.

As it’s already been stated there have been a few modifications that had to be made, but mostly due to time and wear.

Yeah, sure, I’d love to see a picture of Trump while I’m supposed to be on vacation. Pass.

The one in the middle right looks true to life, right?

In some cases it looks just like another hotel room. But then you see pictures of Trump everywhere and it kind of ruins the feeling.

So either this was Trump’s room or it’s just a continuation of the annoying trend.

Okay, that would be super creepy to walk in on upon waking up in the morning. Someone definitely has a crush on Trump, especially if they have to see an image of him in every, single, room. If there was a picture in the bathroom I think I’d have to pass on this experience completely.

Some people see the prospect of being able to sleep in the former home of the current POTUS as something that’s almost sacrosanct. I  think a lot of us see it as just another reason to shake our heads and ask “why?”.


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