TiVO is Back with a Crazy Remote With Voice Controls

TiVO is Back with a Crazy Remote With Voice Controls

Does anyone remember the days when TV was simple? We had a select few channels and if we wanted more than we had to order cable or get a satellite dish. If we wanted to change the channels we had to do this amazing thing called getting up off the couch and walking over to the TV to actually flip the channel. Not anymore. TiVO is back and it’s bringing with it a new way to enjoy your TV experience.

This time a person will have the option of being absolutely specific in how they choose their shows and movies and can take it all the way down to a quote with TiVO being on the ball enough to deliver the movie desired. At the moment however there are a limited amount of movies that TiVO actually has on hand but it’s planning on adding a great deal more as time goes on.

Maybe I’m old but I do recall back in the day when TV remotes first became a big thing. My parents actually taught me how to use one and I can recall the big, clunky box of a remote with the huge, rubber buttons that took some actual effort to push down. And even then you had to aim directly at the TV or nothing would happen. And heaven forbid if there was something that could interfere with the rabbit ears that were the source of your reception, because then your TV experience would likely be ruined until you could find that one precise angle that would clear up the signal and allow you to get back to your regular programming.

And if you got bored with the channel you were watching then you only had a handful of others to pick from and even then, with that many channels you might discover that there was nothing on worth watching. So what did we do then? I think a lot of us actually went outside and did something or maybe picked up a book, but those days are fast disappearing it seems since books are being made into movies and shows so rapidly that a lot of people can’t read them fast enough before the release dates. To think, that was only a couple of decades ago, maybe a little more.

With TiVO you only need the box and the remote to get going. It’s nothing special really as it’s the same box with some serious upgrades added in so as to enhance your viewing experience. The TiVO folks are proud to admit that they’ve finally stepped into the modern era and have brought their box with them so as to help viewers enjoy their favorite programs with as little effort possible. Old duffers like myself might roll our eyes and wonder just when people got this lazy but of course we’ll use it too when the chance permits us. After all getting up to shuffle across the floor and suffer a static shock from the metal knob of the TV wasn’t that great.

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