Five Hilarious Musical Numbers from Bob’s Burgers

Five Hilarious Musical Numbers from Bob’s Burgers

Five Hilarious Musical Numbers from Bob’s Burgers

Only a few animated shows and movies have ever gotten away without having any type of music in them and Bob’s Burgers is no exception to the rule since the show has featured a few very comedic moments when song was a big part of the bit. Olga Segura from America the Jesuit Review has a point when she claims that there’s something inherently special about this show. There’s something about the addition of a musical number in a show like this that gives it a little more of a punch and also gives the viewer something different to look at in terms of entertainment. It’s not quite Disney but it’s something that elevates the show in a way that makes it feel as though it’s talking right to the viewer, just in a different manner. Plus, some of the songs can be hilarious and downright eye-popping when you really get into their content. As far as animated shows go Bob’s Burgers has been one of the best for a while now, but adding in some music now and again has only made it better. I’d have to agree with Justice Namaste at Wired that this is a goofy show, but in one of the best ways.

Here are some of the best musical numbers from the show.

5. The Spirits of Christmas

There’s a new lineup on Santa’s sleigh and it would seem that it’s bound to power the more adult tastes of Christmas. A lot of people could likely get on board with this song since quite honestly during the holidays alcohol does play a big part of a lot of peoples’ lives since, let’s face it, it’s how some people get through the holidays in the first place. Bourbon is definitely the preferred spirit of choice in the song but hey, everyone’s got their favorites, and it does tend to roll off the tongue just a little better than a lot of spirits when it comes to reciting their names. Plus, it’s such a musical drink.

4. I Wanna Hear Your Secrets

You get the feel that the singer is interested? It doesn’t say a lot but it doesn’t seem to need to since there’s enough in the song that seems to indicate that there’s an interest in what’s being said or what remains to be said that the singer really, REALLY wants to hear it. This of course could be the cry of the parent that’s trying to find out all the things that their kid doesn’t want to tell them about their school day and is simply trying to be nosy or be the ‘cool’ parent that really wants to act like they care so they can know what’s going on and approve of every little thing their child does. It’s a parent thing.

3. Work Hard or Die Trying Girl

If you ever wanted a seriously mashed up version of Die Hard mixed in with a few other films made into a musical and sang off-key then this would be the video for you. Bob’s Burgers has never been accused of being the most mentally-stable cartoon, but that could be why a lot of people happen to love it since it does give people something different to look at and laugh with. This however is something that you kind of have to laugh with more or less since it’s something that might be just a little too confusing if you responded in any other way. Seriously, I’m laughing pretty hard as I’m writing this, and I would have to say that Ali Velez from Buzzfeed is right that Bob’s Burgers is the best at what it does.

2. Electric Love

To think, Thomas Edison is still playing a matchmaker after all this time. It’s kind of trippy and a little bit funny since there’s no evidence he ever did this in life, but it’s also kind of eye-rolling while still funny at the same time. You’ve kind of got to wonder what really inspires some of these songs when they get written and why some of them don’t seem to be quit as prominent until you sit and remember them months if not years later. Well, it could have something to do with the fact that your mind might need to process it over and over again until you can really make heads or tails of it.

1. Bad Girls

There’s something to be said for bad girls, but at the same time there’s also something to be said about being the kind of person you want to be instead of giving in and being the type of person that you feel best about. Bad girls and bad boys are typically those that have a lot of fun doing the things that only they seem to get away with, but when it’s all said and done they’re also the ones that have the biggest checks to pay when life comes a-calling and some of them have a serious problem paying it. You can be bad, but learn how to be good when you need to be. Being just one or the other can be a bit boring and leaving you ill-prepared for life when it comes along.

Oh yeah, funny stuff.

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