Five Predictions We’re Making about The Boondocks Reboot

Five Predictions We’re Making about The Boondocks Reboot

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The Boondocks is coming back, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Fans have been waiting to hear about this reboot fo a while. HBO picked it up, and they’re set for the first twenty-four episodes to air next year. We saw it coming. After all, the show was one of the best things on TV, and we’ve been missing it. Audiences can’t wait to see what is changing and what will stay the same about our favorite animated family. Even though the show can’t happen soon enough for our taste, the anticipation is sweet too since it gives us enough time to make a few predictions. Here are our five best guesses about what we can expect from the Boondocks reboot.

1. Just Two Seasons?

We know HBO only picked up the first two seasons of this reboot, but we also know good TV when we see it and Boondocks is a brilliant, funny show. When it ended, we could have cried, but Riley would have made fun of us if we did. Honestly, we were stunned they stopped making the show at all because it seemed like it would be the next Simpsons or Family Guy and run forever. Plenty of fans lost it when they announced the final episode was coming. We even thought for a minute that the show would get a reprieve and they’d change their minds to bring it back.

Our first and most obvious prediction is that two seasons is just the beginning. We always loved seeing Huey, Grandpa, and Riley’s crazy antics. In spite of all the genuinely outstanding reboots we’ve seen lately, this is our most anticipated show. Moreover, we’re not alone in feeling that way. Everyone loves the Freeman’s and twenty-four more episodes just won’t cut it. Grandpa hasn’t found love or moved west to smoke legal weed. Riley has a lot of growing up to do and a lot more trouble to get into. Most of all, Huey isn’t done battling his men in black. He hasn’t convinced America of his conspiracy theories or tackled anywhere near enough black ops villains in his short life.

2. More Than a Peabody

Aaron McGruder won a Peabody for creating this outstanding show, and he more than deserved it. If there’s any sense or justice in the way awards are handed out, there are more coming. We know it’s ‘just a cartoon,’ but Aaron has done something truly unique and dare we say it… beautiful. Sure the content is highly satirized, but it’s also shedding light on a whole lot of issues that the public doesn’t see often enough. We want to see him win some sort of lifetime achievement award at least. We were readers of the comic strip long before we ever watched the show. It’s always been a go-to for entertainment and surprising insight into things people deal with better when they can laugh at it. From the quality of the art to the ingenious plots and writing, there is nothing about this show that’s less than exceptional.

3. Making a Ruckus

Uncle Ruckus has always been simultaneously one of the most loved and most hated characters on the show. Fans appreciate the horrible, self-loathing, yet stunningly hard-working Ruckus for the parody that he is. Naysayers get up in arms about his controversial views, which bring to light many real-world problems in a charmingly funny way that’s far more palatable than any non-animated character could be. After the original Boondocks show ended, Aaron McGruder proposed an idea for a live-action, a feature-length film that starred none other than Uncle Ruckus. McGruder put together a Kickstarter campaign to raise the full sum ($200,000) to produce the movie but ultimately only managed to raise around a hundred and twenty thousand, which wasn’t enough. What does any of that have to do with the reboot? Well, our third prediction is that, because of the reboot, Ruckus will get his turn too. Whether he gets a short run spinoff, a whole show or a movie to call his own, the hardest working and most hated man in Woodcrest will get his in the end. In fact, we think he might even find love when he does.

4. Bolder, Better & Even More Controversial

It may seem a little hard to wrap your brain around the idea of a show that delights and offends more people than the original Boondocks. After all, this is the show that brought us the R. Kelly Trial and A Pimp Named Slickback. This is the show where Grandpa beats his grandsons with a belt, not to mention he killed a blind man once over a parking spot. Boondocks is where a prepubescent boy hangs out with gay rap stars and wears a skirt. It’s not what you’d call low-key. Regardless of all those things, we can only see one place this show could go from here. Aaron McGruder has probably seen the levels of sex and violence on HBO these days: The Hound screaming “Any man dies with a clean sword and I rape his corpse!” on Game of Thrones comes to mind as an example. Hence our fourth prediction is that this show will soar to new heights and sink to deeper lows than ever before.

5. Still Ahead

The Original Boondocks was way ahead of its time. Addressing much needed social and political topics of the time. Things have certainly changed since 2005 when the original aired. For the reboot, we predict jokes about the new AI sex robots, Trump, #MeToo, colonies on Mars, and other issues that are relevant in more modern ways. Doubtless, the same level of humor and mockery will be present, but the details will be more suitable for what people are going through now.

Final Thoughts

Season four of The Boondocks was produced without Aaron McGruder, but he’s back. The reimagined 2019 Freemans are sure to amuse, delight and horrify audiences as much as ever. We can’t wait to see it. The Boondocks was never as appreciated and lauded as it should have been, even when people were talking about it daily. How do you feel about the Boondocks? Love it or loathe it, let us know in the comments.

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