Five Things You Didn’t Know About Popular TV Series “Letterkenny”

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Popular TV Series “Letterkenny”

The television series “Letterkenny” has become a popular show for Crave TV and The Comedy Network that has collected a large following of loyal fans and supporters. The comedy series about Wayne and his pals who are frequently scuffling with their rivals in their small town is hilariously funny. Here are five things about the show that you probably didn’t know.

1. An additional 40 episodes has just been greenlighted

how many times have you watched a funny television series for a few seasons only to have it cancelled? This isn’t likely to be the case for “Letterkenny.” Crave TV has just entered into a partnership with New Metric Media that will guarantee at least 40 new episodes. The deal outlines a multi-year agreement that ensures the continuation of “Letterkenny” for several more seasons. This is good news to fans of the series and if you haven’t tuned in yet, you should consider at least giving it a try.

2. The ratings are through the roof

If you like the show, you’re not in the minority group. Whether fans love a show or don’t like it, they are usually willing to give their honest opinions and offer their ratings as to the quality and content. According to Google users, a whopping 96% of them like this television show. The IMDb ratings for “Letterkenny” gives is an 8.3 out of a possible 10 which is the equivalent of 83%. No matter where you look, it seems that this comedic series is getting a series of thumbs up from viewers who truly enjoy what they’re seeing.

3. Brand support for “Letterkenny” is on the rise

In addition to making the huge commitment of years more episodes of the show, the owners are preparing for a line of merchandise that will be offered around the world. This will help to promote the show to those who haven’t yet seen it and it is expected that the viewership is going to increase yet more. We’re seeing the owners step out and make a big push to take the series internationally as well. The series and format are being promoted at International markets and soon, “Letterkenny” will be a global sensation.

4. “Letterkenny is shot in Ontario

This Canadian comedy is shot on location in the town of Sudbury, Ontario. This keeps everything about the show realistic. It has a small hometown feeling, which was the original intention and the creators are remaining true to their original goal. The creator Jared Keeso is the co-writer and Jacob Tierney is the director of the wildly successful comedy. The backdrop is everything and keeping it real is a part of the success of the show.

5. The stars are taking the show on the road

For those of you who would like to see the cast of “Letterkenny” in person, there’s good news. The special promotional deal that was agreed upon in the new partnership includes a cross promotional tour of the main stars Jared Keeso, Nathan Dales, K. Trevor Wilson and Mark Forward who will begin the tour on February 28, 2018. They’ll be delivering a hilarious 90 minute comedy experience and the debut of the tour will take place in Halifax, with plans in the works to bring the show into the United States later.

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