Scorpion Season 2 Episode 17: Drone Drug Delivery, Quintis and Cotton Candy

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 17: Drone Drug Delivery, Quintis and Cotton Candy


Remember when I said that Toby and Walter might not finish their therapy sessions with Dr. Cecil? Well, I was wrong. In this week’s episode of Scorpion, Toby and Walter go back to therapy with Dr. Cecil (Penn Jillette returns to guest star) and things start to go well until Toby revealed to Walter, through Dr. Cecil’s psychoanalysis, (aka Toby getting a taste of his own medicine), that he and Happy are in a relationship. This upsets Walter given that there’s a no fraternization at work rule put in place.

Back at the garage, Happy and Ralph are quizzing Sylvester on the prices of everyday items in preparation for the human calculator’s appearance on The Price is Right next week. Somehow I think Sylvester will come out a champion because he is, of course, a human calculator who is never wrong when it comes to numbers.

Agent Gallo, along with Agent Sanchez from the Drug Enforcement Administration, presented the team with a case that involves drugs being smuggled in by drones, which is dangerous because that would mean that evil drug lords from countries like Mexico can do whatever they please. Walter splits the team up, telling Toby to stay behind given that the shrink is a distraction to Happy. Paige decided to stay behind as well so she can try to calm the resident shrink down. Good call on that one, Paige. I’m still hoping for the day that Waige will follow suit so this whole cold shoulder with Quintis from Walter can be put in the past.

It was fascinating to see a makeshift radar gun being used to take down the drug drones one by one. The plan seemed to work until one of the drones avoided the radar gun completely by flying off in another direction instead of the static canyon that Team Scorpion created to line up the drones. Walter and Agent Gallo went off to retrieve the immune drone so that it can be studied but got busted by the two drug lords who were loading the drugs onto a trailer. Just as things start to look bleak for the genius and Homeland agent, Happy, Sylvester and Agent Sanchez came to their rescue in the nick of time. I loved the part where Agent Gallo told Happy to stop the car and got all Horatio Caine (or John Wayne) on the bullet firing drone that was chasing them. Agent Gallo, you sir, are kick-ass!

I applauded Sylvester’s quick thinking of using a cactus to stop the bleeding from Agent Sanchez’s gunshot wound after he and Happy got the injured agent to a coyote shack a small distance away and when Toby talked Happy, who was not a big fan of blood and gore, through the field surgery process for draining out the fluid that has gathered in Sanchez’s lungs. Good thing Happy took a swig of tequila to psyche herself up to perform the surgery using a sterilized nail and plastic tubing on Agent Sanchez. The surgery went well and the DEA agent was later helicoptered to the hospital. The thing that confused me while I was watching the episode was how Sylvester knew about the reprogramming software that caused the gun-firing drone to follow Birdroni. Turns out that Toby had installed a tracking app in Happy’s phone which then allowed Sylvester to hack into the app and take control of the drone. Slow clap for Toby.

Later that night, as Team Scorpion relaxed in the garage after another long day of work, Toby is making cotton candy using a machine that he bought using Walter’s corporate credit card in an attempt to spite the genius for going against Quintis. It seems that the shrink bought a lot of things using Walter’s card. Like Sylvester’s Super Fun Guy pinball machine and jet skis. I have a feeling that Walter will not be too thrilled when he finds out about Toby’s other purchases. Happy also threatened Toby that if he ever put tracking software on her phone again, she will kill him with her bare hands (not her exact words, of course, just my own interpretation of it). Better listen to your girlfriend on this one, Toby.

Overall, this episode was good. I facepalmed when Toby told Sylvester that he and Happy “touched parts” after revealing Quintis to the rest of Team Scorpion and the buzzer that Dr. Cecil had to call out Toby’s way of covering up the truth during the therapy session. Oh, and Walter finally gave in and allowed Toby and Happy to stay on the team. Score one for Quintis!

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