She-Hulk: Just Jen-Recap

She-Hulk: Just Jen-Recap

credit: She-Hulk

This many episodes in, and Jennifer Walters still isn’t getting that much respect, even if there’s plenty of reason to give it to her. The accomplished attorney at law is by far and large worth the kind of respect she’s seeking, even if she’s been content to downplay the MCU and its various individuals at this point. She’s been making peace, kind of, with her role as She-Hulk, and it’s fair to say that she’s getting to the point where she might one day realize that being herself is possible no matter if she’s Jen or She-Hulk. When she’s invited to attend her cousin’s wedding as a bridesmaid, though, her cousin makes it rather clear that this is her day and that she doesn’t want anything to spoil it. It’s easy to give credit to Jen since she did as her cousin asked and then kept on doing things when her cousin asked, such as helping the caterers to clean up, ironing the shirts of the groomsmen after they wrinkled them somehow, jobs that a  bridesmaid probably shouldn’t be doing. 

She-Hulk Recap: Season 1 Episode 6: "Just Jen" - The Spool

credit: She-Hulk

It’s clear that Jen just wants to live a normal life. 

As much as she tries, Jen can’t get back to the regular life that she was enjoying before she turned into She-Hulk. She’s giving the attempt everything she has, but life won’t let her rest since she’s now a target for others that apparently want to ruin her and even destroy her if they get the chance. Titania was only the first to make it apparent that she wanted to destroy Jen’s life, from the first brief altercation in the courtroom to their short battle in the reception hall in this episode. The fact that Titania blames Jen for the ruination of one of her brand names (she has more than a few, apparently) is enough to make it clear that she’s going to keep coming back, and she’s going to be sneaky when it comes to getting close to Jen. Knowing someone that was going to attend the wedding and tagging along 

Titania can certainly dish it out, but taking it is a different matter. 

So far, it would appear that Titania is little more than a bully since she can definitely dish out the pain in one way or another, but she’s not that great at taking it when someone is able to confront her. This turned out to be very true in the last episode, and in the first episode since a single punch from She-Hulk dropped Titania, and a rather embarrassing but also helpful lineup of men that Jen had dated helped in the previous episode when it came to claiming the name of She-Hulk. This doesn’t bode well for Titania since it does make her look like a bit of a goofball as she attempts to bully her way forward and gain popularity by trying to be the biggest, most glamorous personality around. When it comes to Jen, though, she’s been faltering badly since the beginning since Jen, despite being anything but perfect, is still willing to stand up for herself and do the right thing when it comes to her personal life. 

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credit: She-Hulk

Will we see Mr. Immortal again?

Mr. Immortal is one of the lesser-known characters in the Marvel Universe, but it’s apparent that She-Hulk is bound to show at least one random character with each episode, and the fact that Jen’s peers had to handle this case is kind of interesting. What’s even more interesting is the need to turn Mr. Immortal into the type of man that would fake his death over and over in order to break it off with multiple life partners. The fact that he’s even had a child makes him appear as an even worse individual who has little to no shame. Surprisingly, it’s not hard to actually enjoy the torment that Mr. Immortal is put through since he does turn out to be a bit of a jerk who doesn’t know how to communicate with others and has no qualms about leaving partners behind when he feels the need to move on. Whether we’ll get to see him any further is hard to say, but it’s fair to say that he’s kind of a sleaze. 

This show needs a little more action to remain interesting. 

The fight between She-Hulk and Titania was interesting, to be sure, but it does feel that if this show is going to survive that he needs to step things up and keep moving forward with the development of one supervillain or another. Between Titania and the Abomination, it feels as though there are a couple of threats that can be dealt with, while the Wrecking Crew might still need a little development before they can really be counted as a worthy enemy. It’s coming, that feels certain, but it’s not here yet.

This episode was actually pretty good. 

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