Netflix Is Using The Defenders To Understand Its Audience

Netflix Is Using The Defenders To Understand Its Audience

In recent times, businesses have been collecting an enormous amount of information about the choices that consumers make on the Internet. While making use of this information calls for a significant amount of expertise, experience, and other valuable resources, businesses are willing to make such a commitment because of the potential prize that can be had. That is to say, an understanding of how consumers think, which in turn, means making businesses that much more profitable by making them not just more effective but also more efficient at selling their products and services to their potential customers.

How Is Netflix Using Our Choices to Learn?

Netflix is no exception to this pattern. It has an enormous interest in seeing what sort of people will watch what sort of TV shows, which is critical because said information enables them to point their viewers towards new TV shows that would interest them. This is beneficial for Netflix users because it can point them towards the TV shows that are likeliest to appeal to their personal preferences. However, it is even more beneficial for Netflix because it enables them to keep Netflix users watching their content.

With that said, there is an even more important use for the information that Netflix collects by monitoring Netflix users’ viewing patterns. Making TV shows is an expensive and time-consuming prospect, meaning that making TV shows is a huge risk for even the biggest and best-established companies. As a result, Netflix and other companies have an enormous interest in understanding what sort of TV shows appeal to what sort of people, which in turn, enables them to choose to fund the TV shows that have the most potential for profit-making. Although this sort of research is still a relatively new tool, it is becoming better and better all the time, which makes it no wonder that it is seeing more and more use.

Why Is The Defenders So Important for Netflix in This Regard?

The Defenders is interesting in that it is a crossover between four separate TV shows. While there is a fair amount of overlap between the people who watch those four separate TV shows, there are few viewers of The Defenders who watched all four of them. As a result, the information collected about the people who watch the crossover as well as how they were convinced to watch it could provide Netflix with valuable insight into the value of such TV shows.

In other words, The Defenders can be seen as something of an experiment. Should it prove successful enough by Netflix’s standards, it will encourage the development of other crossovers in the future. Meanwhile, should it fail to meet those same standards, Netflix will be much more averse to making similar gambles in the future. With that said, whether The Defenders prove successful or not, Netflix can expect to reap at least some benefit from the information that will be collected. After all, failures can be just as educational as successes by showing companies what they should avoid as well as how they can improve the successful components of their revenue-earning operations.

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