Scrubs Quotes is One Way To Never Go Wrong

If you’ve ever watched the show Scrubs then you already know how hilarious it is and how many usable quotes have been left lying throughout its fictional halls. It doesn’t even matter who says them so long as you can remember them and use each one when it seems to suit the situation.  Honestly there are so many that it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite so go crazy and just use as many as you see fit.

I think the janitor must assume that all doctors and residents look alike.

Poor JD, it didn’t take a lot to hurt his feelings. And yet somehow, annoyingly so at times, he always bounced back with a bigger smile and an even better sense of humor.

Okay, so there’s a few tired jokes in there. But if you use these just right you should be able to make it work for you. Do it when no one’s expecting it and you’ll be golden.

For all that they couldn’t stand each other Dr. Cox and his ex definitely spent a lot of time with one another. Usually it was her idea.

I don’t even want to know that this is possible much less that there’s an actual X-ray of it. So what if the kid passed gas a little too hard? (Shudder)

Isn’t half of that bound to happen anyway? I mean the violent death part isn’t nice to think about but what does JD think happens when they put you in the ground?

You know what the saddest part of this is? Elliot could probably cram that 30 seconds full of her entire life story and never once take a breath.

Yeah? How about that? JD seems to fall a little flat when he tries to get witty with people. You’d think he would’ve learned enough from Dr. Cox at some point.

There is a fine line between the two sometimes, especially if you forget where the line happens to be.

Hey now, insane people are highly amusing. How do you think fiction books get made? It’s not all outlines and careful planning. Plus, the janitor works around chemicals, so think about that one.

So long as he got it all out everything should be fine. You might want to call the janitor in and give him an engraved apology though.

So the sun is essentially “mooning” the earth? That’s an interesting thought.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? And if that doesn’t work then make high-pitched noises in an attempt to fit in.

Those two took way too long to let anything develop between them. I mean WAY TOO LONG.

Is there a difference?

At least they don’t sugarcoat anything, right?

Dr. Cox always had a way of explaining things so you could understand them. Granted you felt insulted, but he had a way about him.

Saying something like this to anyone would be grounds for turning in your man card immediately. The problem is that JD would still be a boy at this point.

Fluent? Who do you think invented the language?

Who knew that nature could be so inconvenient?

JD really needs to find another place to hang out. And new songs to enjoy. Let’s face it, needs a life-lift.

Ever get the feeling that JD and the janitor were just meant to be mortal enemies?

That’s deep, and circular, like an extra big toilet bowl.

JD must have lost the prescription.

See? These quotes can be fun pretty much anytime.


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