Shark Tank Company Profile: Cam MacKugler’s SeedSheet

On April 7th five lucky companies will have the chance to gets some investor money from the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank.  However, not before they have to give the presentation of a lifetime.  One of the companies that is vying for a piece of the pie is SeedSheet.   Cam MacKugler realized that organic gardening is a lot harder for people than previously thought.   It’s not all about planting a seed in the ground and simply letting it grow.  That’s why Cam decided to come up with an “idiot proof” organic gardening system.   SeedSheet is a garden that literally unrolls and is ready to go. If you can unroll a blanket, you can have an organic garden.  According to Shark Tank’s blog:

MacKugler got the idea for his product in 2012 while house sitting a friend’s 80 acre farm. He loved the fresh veggies he got while staying there, but didn’t think he had what it takes to start his own garden. When the idea for SeedSheet popped in his head, he designed the first prototype with his friend’s kid’s crayons.

As an architect, he knew about elements of design. Customers design their gardens online with the patent-pending garden-builder software. Enter your zip code, and the software gives suggestions for what grows best in your area. Once you design your garden, they put it together and ship it. MacKugler got the business going with a successful Kickstarter campaign back in the summer of 2015. He raised $30,664 and shipped over 250 ready-made gardens. Pre=designed kits start at $15, so it’s both cheap and easy to get started.

Food transparency and availability are critical issues in the country, and the world, right now. People want to know the story behind their food, whether pesticides and herbicides were used on the plants, and want to feel confident that they’re feeding themselves and their family safe and healthy food. By making it ridiculously easy to grow your own, SeedSheet helps you know exactly where your food comes from.

The question is, is it a good enough idea to get the backing of the sharks?  We’ll find out on Friday.

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