The Worst Shark Tank Pitch in the History of the Show: Sticky Notes

Shark Tank is still going strong and is in its 8th season.  A new episode will be airing tonight.  In it, a working mom from San Diego impresses the Sharks with how she found time to create a special tool that helps women everywhere; two brothers from Agoura Hills, Cal., recycle old billboards that would otherwise go into landfills; and the Sharks have high compliments for revolutionary lozenges that can prevent overeating. Also, Robert Herjavec recalls how he arrived to North America from Eastern Europe with his parents after escaping Communism in the former Yugoslavia.

While we wait for the new episode I wanted to talk about the show as a whole.  I personally think that Shark Tank can last forever.  I’ve argued how difficult it is for many shows to make it past the 5 year mark.  The reason is because the ideas get stale and the shows pretty much “run their course.”  It’s difficult in a comedy or drama to keep audiences entertained with fresh material without having gone back and somewhat altering material we’ve already seen.  Audiences get burned out and that’s just the way it is.  It’s why only a select few shows make it to 10 years or longer.  How Soap Operas have lasted this long is beyond me but that’s an entirely different piece of analysis.

However, Shark Tank is a different breed.    While the Sharks of the show certainly have something to do with the entertainment, it’s the new ideas that keep audiences continuously coming back.  It’s the thought of “wow, maybe I can make it” lingering in the back of people’s minds that keeps people coming back.  It’s the hope of being an entrepreneur and “making it big” that makes the show so interesting.  Like I said, the Sharks are plenty entertaining.  I like watching them argue and make fun of ideas as much as anyone else but ABC’s got a serious winner on its hands and I can honestly see this show running indefinitely.

Anyway, I wanted to go back to what I consider to be the absolute worst pitch in the history of this show.  You may or may not remember the “Sticky Notes” idea but this woman gets completely obliterated, and deservedly so.   I’m not even going to get into this one.  Just watch the video.  It’s hilarious.

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