Everything We Know About Sex Education Season 4

Everything We Know About Sex Education Season 4
Everything We Know About Sex Education Season 4

Already two long years have passed since Season 3 of Sex Education came out on Netflix and wowed viewers once again. The British series about the awkward teenage boy Otis (Asa Butterfield), who starts a sex therapy business at his school, was first released in 2019. Ever since the show has experienced great success. It’s all due to its witty writing, inclusive storylines, complex characters, and actually educative aspects without being too preachy.

The previous season left viewers on a cliffhanger. Maeve and Otis finally get a chance at romance, only for her to leave for a study program in the US. But perhaps the new directions the characters take will provide new challenges, lessons, and relationships. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming fourth season, which has now finally wrapped.

Who Is Returning for Sex Education Season 4?

Sex Education 1


Season 4 will luckily stick to its main cast with Butterfield as Otis, Gillian Anderson as his mum Jean, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric, and Emma Mackey as Maeve. However, Mackey already confirmed that she will have fewer scenes. Sadly, both Mackey and Gatwa have also confirmed that the fourth season will be their last on Sex Education.

Many other known faces will also return. This includes new characters, as the students will enter Cavendish Sixth Form College. Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek will play author and tutor Thomas Molloy. Additionally, other stars such as Jodie Turner-Smith, Marie Reuther, and Thaddea Graham will join, however, their roles are not disclosed yet.

What Is The Plot for the New Season?



If one is to trust Netflix’s description, then there is one clear direction for this next season. It says, “Following the closure of Moordale Secondary, Otis and Eric now face a new frontier – their first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. Otis is nervous about setting up his new clinic, while Eric is praying they won’t be losers again.” That means probably means the plot has the potential to circle back to Otis’ clinic, like back in the old days of the first season.

Moreover, the school is supposedly so progressive that even the ex-Moordale students are shocked. Many students, like Aimee and Adam, are trying out new things at school. At the same time, Maeve is studying at the prestigious Wallace University in the States. Of course, Otis pines after her (per usual) and struggles with not being an only child anymore. He’s also not keen on sharing his home with his new sibling in a patchwork household.

When Will Sex Education Season 4 Be Released?

Sex Education 2 season 4


Netflix has recently confirmed that the fourth season will premiere in 2023. However, a clear date was not given. Since actress Aimee Lou Wood posted on her Instagram that filming wrapped in February of this year, it can be assumed that the series will be released in late summer of 2023. This is based on the third season, which was wrapped in March 2021 and installed exactly six months later. Fingers crossed that this season will also be spaced out the same way.

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