Whatever Happened to Janet Jones?

Whatever Happened to Janet Jones?

Whatever Happened to Janet Jones?

There’s a lot that can be said about Janet Jones and it kind of depends on who you ask really as to which story you’ll get. For the most part she sounds like a very attentive mother, wife, and a woman that has known what she’s wanted out of life for a quite a while now. But then as it happens with many celebs that are controversies that people will use in their own manner to state what they want about various people whether the rumors are true or not. For going on four decades now she’s been in the public eye when it comes to her career and has done several things that have managed to get her noticed, not the least of which was marrying NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. She’s had her own career to consider for years and has been seen in movies and in other projects, in fact she was featured in Playboy at one point and has been a well-known celebrity for some time. At this point it might be fair to say that her celebrity status has tapered off a bit since with the onset of age and the continued push of new talent it’s easy to see how the older generations are being forced to keep up or move aside, or in some cases just age gracefully and watch as things continue to evolve in show business.

Janet hasn’t really had any trouble evolving and rolling with the constant changes as she’s managed to stick around while doing what she can to stay relevant throughout the years. While a lot of people might not fully recognize her contributions to show business it’s easy enough to find her name when it comes to the rumor that she was part of a gambling ring a while back. Well over a decade ago she and several others were said to have placed bets on various sports games, though she has vehemently denied the allegations and would go on to sue for defamation later on. Controversy with celebrities is unfortunately nothing new and Janet has been just one of many caught up in yet another fiasco that the media has decided to spin whether there’s truth to it or not. Perhaps the feeling is that so long as they’re in the public eye they need to be humiliated for every perceived wrong that’s been committed, but Jones has been adamant about not being involved throughout the years.

At this point a lot of people have forgotten about this indiscretion whether it was real or not and things have moved on as they tend to do. Jones and her family have gone about their business as their kids have found success in their own desired fields and the media has largely forgotten about the incident unless it needs to be brought up for a documentary or another pertinent project. For the most part Jones and Gretzky have managed to stay off the radar when it comes to controversy at this time and are both regarded for the celebrity status they gained during their runs in their respective fields, with Jones’ acting career being spotty to say the least at this time since it would appear that she hasn’t been seen in much lately. It kind of goes without saying that she and Wayne are likely well off at this point and that they don’t need to work quite as much as one would think, as Jones has a net worth of around $10 million and her husband has a net worth of $250 million. So barring any unforeseen disasters or really insane spending by the two it’s likely that they’ll be sitting comfortably for quite some time and won’t be hurting when it comes to their finances. As far as their reputation goes, well, that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere either at this time since they’re still both well-known for their past endeavors and are still widely regarded as two of the most famous people of the past few decades.

Some might want to say that she managed to get away free and clear from the gambling implications while others might want to stand up and defend her while stating that she truly had nothing to do with them, but at this point it does appear that the only people to know the truth would be her and Wayne. At this point it really doesn’t feel as though it matters since the whole thing happened well over a decade before and has since died down considerably to the point that people would need reminding of it to even care. It’s far easier to think of Janet Jones and what she’s done on screen and what her life has been like leading up to the scandal and after it than to focus on the one big negative hit that her career has taken.

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