Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Kaulitz

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Kaulitz

One of the most frequently asked questions over the last couple of weeks is, who is Tom Kaulitz. Well, the easy answer to that question is that he is the 28-year-old boyfriend of Heidi Klum, 44. Things have really heated up over the last several days since Heidi arrived in Mexico for a vacation with Tom in tow. Heidi most significant past relationship is with the singer, Seal, which she has four children. She then moved on to dating art curator, Vito Schnabel, but that ended in September of last year. Her relationship with Kaulitz is said to have heated up in mid-March, and as of current, it is blazing.

For those of you who want to know a bit more about Tom, here are five facts to get you started.

1. He Is a Musician

I am starting to see a theme building here. It is obvious that Heidi has a thing for musicians and performers. As it turns out, Tom is an extremely gifted musician. He is a guitarist, producer, and songwriter. He is also the member of the band Tokio Hotel. That is actually a pretty nice resume if I must say so myself. It is unclear if this musician will have the staying power of Seal. Four kids will be hard to top, especially at this point in Heidi’s life.

2. He Has a Twin Brother

Tom has an identical twin brother named Bill, and by the looks of it, Bill is the bad twin. Bill is also a member of Tokio Hotel. He is the lead singer of the band. He has had his share of negative publicity over the last couple of years. It appears that Tom is a bit more subdued than his twin and it seems to suit Hiedi just fine. Who knows, she may have chosen Bill 15 years ago. Despite all of the negative publicity for Bill, he and Tom remain close.

3. He Has a Divorce Under His Belt

One thing that Heidi and Tom have in common right out of the gate is that they both have been divorced. Tom was previously married to German model, Ria Sommerfield. The marriage lasted approximately five years. According to the records, the couple divorced as a result of irreconcilable differences. Well, so far, we know she likes musicians, he likes models, and they both have been divorced. This just might work.

4. He Does Not Have a Middle Name

In an era of extravagant names, it should not come as much of a surprise that Tom does not have a middle name. Neither he or Bill have middle names. Okay, Heidi was married to a guy who only had one name, at least as for as the public goes. So, I don’t think Tom missing a middle name is a big deal. However, I am curious concerning the omission. Was his parents at a lost or is their greater significance behind it?

5. He Says is Brother is His Soulmate

Normally, when we hear the term soulmate, we think of that lifelong partner with whom we are going to spend the rest of our lives. When he comes to Tom, he claims that his twin brother is his soul mate. I can understanding being close having spent so much time together in the womb and all, but soulmate? They both admit to finishing each others sentences and knowing what one another are thinking. That is good and all, but soulmate?

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